A dream of a perfect life………..

A wait for the perfection……….

” Perfection” becomes ideals and it becomes ambition. Ambition or Ambitions? A journey that starts after “conception”…..a journey begins being of thumbnail size….and the journey ends..likewise….in the form of ashes.

Ideals of life..are somehow fascinating so much that we remain fantasizing it ever and ever in life. Ideals after all are only the things that makes us live. That makes the hope alive. Everything can be lost but hope. We are so powerful that we can hope. We can hope for every good things of life.

Here, I want to remind a story which we read years back “Pandora’s Box” , the ancient myth that the world was so beautiful, there was no misery and there was no pain. The life there was full of ideals…now we imagine..and what happened was the curiosity of protagonist against the small box from where all the misery and pain came. People began to die…and people began to fall sick. BUT there was “hope” at the end which made people alive. Hope is our best possession. We can hope every best thing in our life. We have that power.

Ideals are the greatest achievement that you want to have. What you achieve is not the ideals , what you can do after achieving the goals of life is ideals. Nirvana , enlightenment is ideals. Ideals are more about imagination than reality which one creates in his own perspective.

Ideals should be heavenly. They must be such that they create a kind of enlightenment in you. Ideals are in your limitation. A fish in Rupert Brooke’s poem “Heaven” imagines the land where he can get everything he wants. A fish imagines that he can have best life in that heaven which he is imagining. He must have his own god, ( the god of fish …) and under which this little imagining fish will live a life so much wonderfully, the way he wants.

Manly Ideals are much more different. We are not imagining ideals but we are heading towards “Perfection” in our lives, which hardly comes or lets say that it never comes. We want to be perfect and only perfect in everything we do just everything. Perfection never comes in life. Life is never perfect…..never…

In this sense I want to become a tramp….live a life with so much passion and zeal for life…I want to live a life..imagining that I am so happy…imaginingthat I am a tramp..and I am beholding my ideals…of a better life…I see life through the tramps eye….a tramp…who is sleeping in the road…after receiving money from the pedestrians and after eating with that money…No worries of life…but Ideals preserved in the heart and dream…Ideal that I am going to have a wonderful life….A hope in that ideal that will keep me alive in the worst stage of life… Hope….just hope…

A dream of a perfect life…

A wait for perfection….


7 Responses

  1. सबैले देख्ने सपना नै यस्तै त हो ! सबै नै पर्फेक्ट बन्न आशा मा नै अघि बढिरहेका हुन्छन् । यो कुरा पनि सही हो कि, केही कुरा पुर्ण छैन र अन्त्य छैन ।

    सपना देख्नु आफैँमा नराम्रो होइन, तर पनि पुरा नहुने सपना चाँहि देख्नु हुँदैन । जुन सपना पुरा हुँदैनन् नि, हो त्यसैले बढि चोट दिन्छ । अत: जुन कुरा पुरा होला जस्तो लाग्छ, त्यही कुराको मात्र सपना देख्नुपर्छ ।

    जसले जे भने पनि, लेखाइ मा दम चाँहि छ है !

  2. एक भिखारी, जो सडक माझ भिख मागेर आफ्नो पेट भरिरहेको हुन्छ । उसका पनि कती सपना हुन्छन तर बिबस, त्यो पुरा हुन सक्दैन।आफ्नो जीवन मागिरहेको मान्छेले कसरी ठुलो सपना साच्न सकेको होला ?सपना नै यस्तै छ,ठुलो सानो नै हुँदैन । सपना देख्नु एकदम नै ठीक हो । तर कती सपना पुरा हुन सक्दैनन ।
    आकार जी ले भन्नु भएको चै ठीक लगेन। सपना पुरा हुने मात्रै देख्नु पर्छ रे,अब हाम्रो यो सपना पुरा हुन्छ भनेर कसरी थाहा हुन्छ र? बिलकुलनै मेरो सोचाइमा कुनै पनि सपना पुरा हुन नसक्ने हुँदैनन । दिमाग लगाउनुस्,परिश्रम गर्नुस् ,तपाइको लगनसिलताले तपाईंको सपनाको निर्णय गर्छ । सपना त परीश्रममा भर पर्ने कुरा हो जस्तो लाग्छ मलाई । मलाई लाग्छ मनिसका सबै सपना पुरा हुन्छन तर कती ठाउँमा कठिनाईहरु हुन्छन जो हामी पार गर्न बल नै गर्दैनौ,अनी कती ठाउँमा त्याग गर्नु पर्ने हुन्छ तर हामी खाली आफ्नो फाईदा मात्रै हेर्छौ,त्याग किन गर्ने ?
    यो तपाईंको लेख एकदम नै राम्रो लाग्यो (नाम नै आएन तपाईंको)। हामी यस्तै लेखहरुको आश गर्दछौ ।

  3. Good luck on your way to junct with perfection! I prefer being on the prelude way to perfection! 🙂

  4. प्रकाश जी,
    जुन सपना पुरा हुँदैनन् नि, हो त्यसैले बढि चोट दिन्छ । मैले भन्न खोजेको कुरा यही नै हो । हुन त, मेरो विचारमा सहमत हुनुपर्छ भन्ने केही कुरा छैन । यहाँ व्यक्ति पिच्छे को विचार हुन्छ । अब सपना देख्नु नदेख्नु आफ्नो कुरा हो ।

  5. I believe in dreams Aakar….either they get fulfilled or not they give satisfaction..One must dream…Dreams energizes us…it gives a power inside…it makes you fight…it makes u fulfill the unfulfilling dreams…

  6. i also believe in dreams
    my dreams always become a real
    but my imagination always fall from sky

  7. Well.. Dreaming is not that bad at all. One must dream to achieve something in life. But even if our dreams are flying over the clouds, our foot must be on the earth. I mean we should be practical.
    In my opinion, there is nothing like perfect happiness, or perfect life or something like that. We should try to find the happiness in the journey of life, rather creating a destination of Perfect Life, coz we never know the destination of this journey. Like they say ‘hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.’ So keep on dreaming, but don’t think other will come to fulfill your dreams. If you dream for something, go for it, but be prepared to accept the consequences. Remember if you succeed, it’s all yours, and if you failed , it’s also all yours.
    Keep on dreaming, keep on thinking, keep on writing… 🙂

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