Immortal !!!


Its just impossible to be immortal. But people can surely be immortal, like Parijat…among so many immortals…After receiving so many comments on the post “Shiris ko Phul, Review ” …I was just missing Parijat…was thinking to write anothe review of her book Shiris Ko Phul….

“Conincidence”, can be as such that…Oh! I am just feeling more than lucky …to be a part of program where Parijat was remembered….Sukanya ji, her sister….was there and her tearful eyes…..And the “Potrait ” of Parijat , smiling at me….( hehe)
Just feeling great…today…after remembering Parijat …
( Note-: The Program was organised by Parijat Smiriti Comittee, Maipi, Kathmandu at Nepal Tourism Board where prizes were distributed.. to Ninu Chapagain, Comrade Sapana and Ram Krishna Bhandari “Chinari” .  )
I was just …..feeling happy and happy….
( If only we could switch our mobile off…at such programs it would be great….)

4 Responses

  1. tht’s grt…
    Atleast some group remeber Parijat…

  2. राम्रो विचार ।

  3. I have even attended meetings and seminars where the presenter or speaker of the program ignores to switch off his mobile phone. Then out of no where, during the middle of an interesting talk; his mobile rings with a stupid polyphonic ringtone “Kajara re.. Kajara re..”
    I am not hitting on every speakers. But I have seen quite a lot of people both Speakers as well as audiences who doesn’t bother to switch off their mobiles during a program. I would suggest them to at least turn their mobile to vibration mode or silent mode if they can’t switch it off.

  4. Parijat and Sirish ko Ful, really Immortal. I read many years ago, and want to read it again… 😀

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