A different treat…

After a long time, I went to Gurukul again, not alone this time, with a friend. Something is there that makes me feel so good. I feel that makes me away from the world.

Watching drama is so much enjoyable. But sometimes it is hard to watch. Watching a drama is purgation also. That means purifying your emotions and sentiments. You see your deeds alive…like you are watching a mirror, like you are watching a viedo of yourself. Thus, it helps to know waht you are.

But it was hard to watch drama called “Pshychosis “, written by Sarah Cave ( I am actually confused about the writer).

Last Saturday..there were two plays staged at Gurukul , one was “Salai Bechne Kti” ( The girl who sold Matches ) and the other “Psychosis”.

“Salai bechne Keti” was a short emotional play…staged by a solo character. It was good to see such a play there, but it was too short. Then came “Psychosis”, wonderfully acted by a solo character NIsha Sharma.

I must say the acting was more than what you called “superb” is ….It was such an heart touching play on absurdity of life. Life, love, homosexuality, relationships. It is definately a modern play, which gives glimpses of the modern world and modern life.

Modern life is full of misery, full of suffocation, one cannot live like the way he wants to. Modern life is absurd, society binds you, society creates rules for you. Modern Life is uncertain. People in modern life live a life of uncertainty. Uncertain !!! Everything is uncertain and everything is insane.

Dramatic Monologue “Psychosis” was beautifully played by Nisha Sharma Pokhrel, the moves the dialogues, the movement of character on the stage, the props. Everything was designed so much nicely.

Throughout the play, various thoughts came in my mind. I belong to the modern world and I do have modern man’s qualities that is why…I was fearing…Whether I am like the character being showed at the stage.

Gurukul, lovely as always…must be best hangout for me. And when you have a friend with you then the time there becomes really wonderful.

Thank you my friend for a different treat…


9 Responses

  1. Watching play in is really different experience, something emotional and intimate. I still remember “Malati Mangale”, which I watched many years ago. Well I don’t have any Idea abt the Plays that U r talking abt here, but Gurukul ambiance is really wonderful for sure…. 🙂

  2. I think i should see it too.

  3. Exactly, that play was wonderful.Monologue series and that Psychosis 4.48 is simply wonderful.But one may afraid by the expression of Nisa Sharma…hehe

    Anyway, Gurukul is doing great and I myself is one of the regular visitor of Gurukul… Thanks for posting it…

    Anyway, wonderful a different treat… 🙂

  4. “Karnali Dakkin Bagdo Chaa” that was mine the 1st and the last till yet drama over Gurukul…..

    …I hope i could see some more too…but wait…the heart is saying u r going to play special drama in ur own life just like in Gurukul…what kind of feeling are these yar ?? totally different …he he

  5. Ametya ji, yo ke bhanya ni ?
    “the heart is saying u r going to play special drama in ur own life just like in Gurukul…
    bhujnai garo paryo…. real life ma pani kahi drama hunchha ra ?

  6. Aakar ,

    life itself a play, a drama नयाँ नयाँ साथिहरु पाउनु, नयाँ नयाँ अनुभवहरु महसुस गर्नु ,to jump from one regular pattern to a little bit different track…… isn’t it a nice play in life ????

    And from when i became Ametya ji ni फेरि ??? यो जी लाई मार गोलि …he he

  7. Well, watching a drama is certainly an extraterrestrial and awesome experience…Gurukul dramas are always the best , no matter whatever play they choose to make the stage lively. And about the modern world Phychology, self-excavation and nonconformist thoughts followed by conflict and struggle brings about the resistance against the society and its rules ( I believe so).

  8. Sweta jee,i dont have any knowledge about this gurukul and all,can u explain what this is in real please…sir.Ametya wrote about “Karnali Dakkin Bagdo Chaa””i have watched some where.What is the relation betn.this drama and gurukul?i dont know..can u explain a bit for me please.. ,iam Bhutanese Refugee and i spent most of my years in India(studying),so i really got less chance to know about this all matter.. so can u share me a bit about this..please

  9. I watched all 6 Monologue series staged at Gurukul… of them Psychosis 4.48 and the last one Ms. Margaridaa were more than superb…. Nisha Sharma Pokhrel and Sarita Giri have done best-est job!!!

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