Coffee and You

Taking sip after sip
Of this coffee…
I remember you…
“The Invisible Girl”
I am beholding feelings for you..!!!
Heart melts….
Heart melts..
Bloods flow…in veins..
More Rapidly…
It vibrates heart
“The Invisible Girl”
It really vibrates my heart

Don’t call me dear
Invisible Girl…
I might fall in love!!
Feelings intoxicate me
I move away from the world…
Invisible girl..
Please don’t call me dear!!

Feels like…
You are looking at me!!
Everytime I behold your Image
Deep inside me…Vibrates
That calls you..
Invisible girl…
Slowly and gradually..
You are becoming too dear…
My Invisible Girl…
STOP !!!
Calling me dear..
I might fall in love….

P.S….HAHA !!


8 Responses

  1. Plz don’t call me dear , otherwise i ll fall in love with u ….what if the he really fall in love ??? ha ha ……

  2. hehehe.. tyo last ma “HAHA” chai kina ni… ?

  3. top secrect poem … he he

  4. I dont think its a Top secret Poem…..LOL

  5. Dear,
    what a great satire…hahahaha….
    I like it very much, dear….lol


  6. hi
    it is really a nice poem. an in my opinion it is a secret love story as well. i don’t know anyway. who is that he? and why it is invisible girl? may that is you that we many of your blog readers couldn’t see you so is that the story? or what ? at last that hahaha is really nice. women lough is real nice. they must lough for whole life. good luck . nice post.
    write something about our video site also pls/
    i am not good as writing.
    see you.

  7. Dear Sweta:

    “Taking sip after sip
    Of this coffee…
    I remember you…
    “The Invisible Girl”
    I am beholding feelings for you..!!!”

    After going through so many times from this poem. Somehow,I feel that this poem is targeted to me at some-point.

    Thanks for, expressing my feelings for my ‘invisible girl’. It can be said that above first stanza is for me. Borrowing others line, you have expressed it so nicely for me and for my ‘invisible girl’…hehehe…

    And also, thanks for this great satire… and salute to your sense of humor as well…hahahaha…keep this spirit…now waiting for others as well…..hahaha



  8. really a nice poem..i like the way it stated and ended..gr8

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