Human Clone and Homework ..!!

This is homework I did for some one…( someone that I would never like to mention ). This is a British school Project…it is nice that childrens come to know about varities of stuffs. I was unaware of is the speech me and her…

English Homework 26th April 2009

Speech on Genetic Engineering / Cloning

Good Afternoon Everybody,
How many of you think cloning is a good idea? Ok now as you all know I ( Her name )have come here to talk to you about cloning. So, I think that cloning and genetic engineering is not at all a good idea. I have mainly come here to persuade and tell you all that cloning is not acceptable and not good at all. Here are some reasons why it is not good or disadvantages are:-

1. They inherit birth defects.
2. They are already old.
3. People could misuse them.
4. Global warming would increase.
5. Its too expensive
6. They are not natural.
7. Over Population and
8. Man is playing god!!

Now I will explain to you how each of these reasons effect and cause trouble.

1. Inherit birth defects means that they will already have the disease that the person has from which the take the DNA from. So if a person has Brain Tumor and I take his DNA and make a clone; the clone will have Brain Tumor.
2. They are already old by that I mean that if a clone made out of a 95 year old person in size will be a body but will actually be 95 years old. The clone will die at an early age which is also known as premature ageing.
3. People cloud misuse them as if somebody needs a kidney the person or the doctor would come and knock down the clone and get or take clones kidney for the person who needs it. So, this shows that people need clone for body or organs more than a person.
4. Global Warming will increase by that I mean we are the ones causing global warming and there would be many more copies of us increasing it.
5. People who are billionaires can afford cloning themselves but people like us won’t be able to afford it and just to make a clone we will be spending billions of money and at the end it will be just a copy of us. So, it is a waste of money.
6. They are not natural because being a copy of us would be something created artificially. So, it means being a clone is not having a natural existence.
7. Look at the world right now the population according to last year is over six Billion and making clones will do nothing than help increasing in population which is only a copy of one of the person living with us in this world right now.
8. People believe that god makes us and if we start making people on our own. That won’t be fair because god won’t be doing his job. But we are doing it for him.

Imagine you were a clone and you did not know that, How would you feel by someone else telling you that? “Weird” right!!!

So, I am here to tell you that cloning is not a good idea. You are playing god in form of man. You are playing with human feelings and may be clone’s feelings. So, is that good? I don’t think so.

Now, here I would like to end my speech. I hope my speech has persuaded most off you or maybe all off you to stop cloning and genetic engineering.


Thank you for listening to my speech

( Her Name )


5 Responses

  1. Hmmm….Speech is attractive .

  2. hahaha…
    nice… but i think i know tht someone …oh ho, homework garidine…usobhaye, ma pani send garau ta question…hahaha


  3. hi it was a nice speech. human cloning should ban worldwide that i too agree. but cloning of video should not. you check the name of our site haahaah. cloning is good in many manner but not the human clonning please. There are some small spelling and some words/phrase wrong. please edit them. sorry i could not read mistakes…
    have a nice time.

  4. hehehe..
    I found reason no. 8 quite funny…. Well for right right now there are bigger problems than cloning in this World I guess…
    But I like ur writeup… It drives us to read till da end…. Keep writing… 🙂

  5. Indeed strong logic behind the premise

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