What ?

What ? I said..

Is that? What you heard ?

What ? You heard ?

Did you really heard ?

Did you understood ?

What I said ?

Did you mean that you heard and understood ?


5 Responses

  1. Interesting…. !!
    Saying, hearing and understanding….. really hearing and understanding…both are different thing… we can hear anything but we tend to understand things as we want… according to our comfort…
    Keep writing… 🙂

  2. i did not understood. what did you said? i never heard anything from you. yes i heard or listen your news broadcasting today . that was english news. i have a suggestion that you still need some fluency in your english. that is my personal view. never mind. keep up. you can improve.
    good luck.

  3. हृदयबाट निस्केका निस्कपट र निश्चल तरंगहरु बुझ्न को लागि अलिक गार्‍हो भयो स्वेता जी !!!!!!!!!!!

    केहि नबुझिकन केहि बुझे की भन्दै टाउको हल्लाए जस्तो मात्र भयो मेरा comment हरु त !!!! ही ही ।।।।।

  4. nice poem…
    but what ?

  5. oho !!! zzzzzz…

    But, W H A T

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