A miracle that will change life….A miracle that will change everything…just everything…A miracle….Just a miracle like the breathe…like inhaling and exhaling, like a breathe that makes someone alive and like a breathe that makes someone dead. A miracle that can do everything..that can change everything.. that is capable of everything…Like the omnipotent god.. present everywhere…

A miracle that will transfigure..all the sadness, all the dizziness, all the fratility….all the emotions….

A miracle…what else…


2 Responses

  1. Hi
    Yah we need a miracle actually a man with miracle to change our country. to change those dump so called leaders of different political parties. we need miracle to make out country safe and peace. we need miracle to develop our poor country. that miracle could be between us as well. Don’t belive in Miracle do the things that could change our lives . each of us could me a miracle for our world. for more views please visit our site http://www.nepal1st.com
    share your videos and watch some of the best nepali videos at http://www.clonevideos.com
    hope we will meet again.
    its not a miracle.

  2. Miracle…!! does that really happen…? I don’t know.. Suppose a miracle happened… than what after that…? Would life be complete without all the sadness, the loneliness and all the odds…? I don’t know… But I think it’s better to make every moment miraculous… living in this world itself is a miracle…. Live it to the fullest… 🙂

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