Will she come ?- III

“Come here and dance with us dada !! “, said my sister while I was in my deep imagination that she will be entering right from that door. I must control myself that time. Not to let anyone that she is the one that I have been waiting since hours…The only person that I wanted to be here.

Its long that I have been idle. Are people noticing my lonliness? Are they knowing that, how am I waiting her, here sitting in this chair, gazing continuously towards the door, hearing each footstep to find if its hers. Oh ! how much desperate I am..How much I am longing for her..How much I want her to be here.

Where is she? Why the hell she works this much that she doesn’t have time? However,  she can manage the time and that is the best. She is the best, she is my idol, my best friend, the one who knows me inside out but still keeps quiet. The one who gave me wings to fly high, the one who showed me the different way of living, the one who created love in my heart…who is the one…but does she feels the same?

Does people around here know that I am thinking about her continuously and continuously? Time poor time doesnot passes. Its not a minute..not a second..I have been looking at this watch,wiping my sweats..oh this handkerchief reminds me of her…while I used to give her favourite chocolate and she needed handkerchief to wipe her hands…oh dear..oh dear..why aren’t you here…

Oh ! She is calling…on phone…oh …damn ( the cells slips off )..F***, why now..why now while she is calling..

Dear God!!

Hello, Are you coming or not ?

Yes !


Yes ! I am coming….You hear that I am coming.

Oh, Ok Ok ..please come fast..!! I am waiting!!

No No please come slowly..dont drive to fast…

Sure!!..will be there in 10 mins…

Bye..come to pick me up at door..

Sure !! Sure!! come

Yes..now 10 more minutes and she will coem here and thats sure..now I want to pass this 10 minutes…

Its not even a second yet…10 more minutes to go..10 more minutes..these 10 minutes are being unable to handle..what I don’t want to dance without her, don’t want to eat with out her, don’t want to talk and laugh…10 more minutes to go..and I will be able to see her here. Oh! how much excited I am that she will be here, after so long I have waited…full three hours..

It was easy to pass the past three hours  in her wait, in confusion that whether she will come or not? What she will be wearing…how she will look like..how I will show everyone that she is the one that I have been waiting since the party started. But But..these TEN MINUTES are being unable to handle..Its more than 15 times that I have looked my watch and just one minute has passed….Oh dear…10 minutes… how to pass…

If she change her mind…then…If anything happens on the way then.. why I am thinking this…nothing will happen..to her..she will come I know..I believe she will come. It will be an injustice god…It will be an injustice..If anything happens to her..if she won’t come…

Why she is not here….??

When will she come…?

Will she come after 10 minutes??


3 Responses

  1. She will come ..but with her boy friend…I think…:)

  2. suspense kills…

  3. I think she will come with her boyfriend or she may not come forever too. nice suspense with teenage thriller. keep writing. i am also waiting to see if she will come? i am waiting.

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