Will She come ? – II

Will She Come? –II

It’s already Five…People have stared coming here and soon the party palace will be full. But will my heart be able to resist that she is not here. She is not here damn…when will she come then. I am not being able to think the thing that she has not still arrived. I have not eaten anything but seems like I am not hungry…I am not feeling hungry but jus thing in my mind is she. Her presence will change everything…I might get hungry because I have been waiting her, to eat dinner with her. Will she be here?

How has she said that she will come with so much excitement..? Was saying I will wear this, I will wear that, but I will come!!! “I will come” she had said. I know hoe much beautiful she wants to look in the party but ends with wearing what ever she likes. This is she…who damn cares her dresses…her nails…her hair..does whatever she like…and I love this…attitude of her….that she is so natural and true to herself.

She had said she will come.That makes me believe that she will some. But why is she not here still. Everyone has arrived till now. Where has she gone? My good ness…why is she not here. I am not feeling like I want a drink…she will say, “You are smell bad dear”. I wonder how she will react when she will see me in this brand new suit, especially prepared for this particular day, for her too see me…for her to feel the emotion that I am feeling. But when will she arrive here…

See!! Sms..its hers…my goodness its hers…come on let me read what it says…”DAMN it says..she will not come…??? But Why…..But why…she will not come…Oh dear I am breaking down…had this sms come little earlier…I would not be here in the party.. dear O’ Dear….Why but why..Let me call her…let me call her……..

Hello, Please come dear…I am waiting here..
“I need to go to work”
“I haven’t wear nice dress”
That doesn’t matter, you I need you to come here…
I am waiting…Please come dear…Please
Ok, I will try but I am not sure.

Oh dear…let me sit in a chair..I am not being controlled….

Will She come ??
Will She come ??

Oh dear…everythings black…everythings dark…

Will she come??

Will she come??


3 Responses

  1. “I’ll try but I’m not sure”… she will not come…. will my love for her die as my hope died…??? 😦

  2. Sweta, am waiting for Part III…

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