Will She come? – I

Will She Come

I have been waiting for this day as never before. The suit lies there as it is that I prepared for this very day, because she will be coming today. But will she come today. Oh dear I need to inform her today only, what if she becomes angry then? Why she needs to be angry. I have already told I will invite her. Oh! I got her sms…she says “Why you have lied that you will invite me?” I said nothing…I replied nothing…It is because I’ll be inviting her giving her a big surprise. I want to see her there and show there that this is “She”……whom I ………

I have been waiting her as I have been waiting this day, waiting her to see here…gorgeous she is….gorgeous she will be in her Kajal…and simple lip gloss. “ Will she open her hair?” She will look more gorgeous. What will she wear…that will make her more beautiful…But that does not matter because I just want her presence here. Right here in front of everyone. “My Friend” …. I will show to every visitor that she is the one…But will she come? Damn..!!! Will she come?

Here with desperate heart…? Will she come tonight? Waiting her every moment with this hungry heart…and mind full of confusion waiting the each second to pass…watching each individual to find the glimpses of her…checking cell phone time, waiting for her message that “I am coming”..or her call ….everytime the cell rings…waiting her to find her here…to see her here…

But Will she come here tonight?


2 Responses

  1. Will she come… ? Waiting for her desperately.. Is she also as desperate as I am..? …or will my hope die waiting for her… I’m looking ahead but difficult to look further than I can see.. How would I know what’s in her heart..?. How would I know if the fire is burning in her heart too…? How can I make her realize the pain I’m going through… ?
    Will she come…..ever…..!!!???

  2. she will not come… but he will be waiting…

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