And I am writing

Its hard for me to believe that I am so lost from this blog and writing. Don’t know busy in waht or its kust an escpae and excuse. Is that I don’t want to write anything here…or is it electricity…No No !!! I am facebooking and chatting.. and being away from the blog.. So many exciting things going to be happen and is it that I am busy with that excitiment and not writing.

Banging this key board for writing here in this blog after a long interval of time. The seat is same and I am same here but are thoughts different? I am here at office , I am supposed to be at home but no I need to work but why don’t they I understand that one also has his social life.

Am I writing for satisfaction or writing for just posting another blog…no I don’t know anything…Just wanted to type these words inthis busy schedule  of life. Heard that gold prices hav declined?? Is it that I am buying gold…but why?? Is it that I am buying cloth?? WHyI am typing this here..Is it that I want to desperately that book that is inside my bag…or is it I am running away…

Yes I am running away..truth lies in mind..the uncensored truth that I want to leave this place…this seat and this computer…this enviornment ….but can’t declare..I can jus run away and switch of a stupid thing…I am runninga away dearest “place”….

And I am writing…and now its written..!!! LOL


3 Responses

  1. I just went through the blog, read some of those good n sweet………………………
    Well, Some of them are really……
    Great !
    Keep it up.

  2. ….and it’s written…!!!..:)

  3. gud luck…

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