Bloods that flow in veins -II

The second part of the story…..

And life moves on..the betrayal goes on and on. The beating daily and daily doses of sleeping tablets increases. The coming of home late goes on…

Shikha, the poor woman in her woes spends days being a doll of Drishya. Biwas wants mom to play with him but he is too frustrated because Shikha feels she is no more a woman now. Shikha feels what? ” nothing”. Nothingness has become the way of living for Shikha and the days in hues and hazes with the  dreams of uniting again with Drishya.

The Yin and Yang, the Radha and Krishna…the Shiva and Shakti…..and Shikha and Dirshya……the name which could never unite again…..

She dreams whatever and ever that she too doesnot knows. The days in hazes and hues…the pain and the doses of  increasing sleeping tablets….Biwas poor biwas not able to think anything because he is too small to analyze the things between his mother and father.

As for Biwas, Drishya loved him…because he is a son and he is a son….But  Biwas longed for mother’s  love which was not possible because of loss of sense of motherhood in herself.

That night …she scribbled sonmething in her diary which is as it is pasted here-:

(Ah….!!! it pains a lot )

The patience and tolerance is limited and everything has its own limitations. I too have my own limits. But here I feel myself caged as if nothing as if I don’t have soul in me. The overflowing feelings that makes me a woman and the the passion that makes me a human is long dead. The death of all the feelings and emotions and the death of my true self. Shikha, the true overjoying Shikha is long dead. But who notices, Does Biswas notice this ? Does Kamala notices….this….or the doctors who counsel me and provide me with the doses and doses of sleeping tablets….do they know what I am feeling and what I am dreaming. And lastly does Drishya notices this..does Drishya feels the beating of my trembling heart…No, he doesnot…( Oh its flowing now )

The mental and heart wrenching wounds that I have preserved within me are they going to be cured with the doses and doses of sleeping tablets recommended by the Doctors saying that I am a mental diseased patient….( Its paining but I am writing ).But am I a mentally diseased patient….who have given this wounds…Drishya..his beating in my belly ….his grabbing of my breasts…and kicking my ass time and again…our relation is limited to this only….the beats, touches and kicks ..are now satisfying me..afterall Dirshya touches me…for the second time…I strongly arouse the passions in me…not feeling the pain of this enormous beating but feeling good becuase he touches me in this way.

I had dreams and dreams that were fulfilled once when I had met Drishya for the first time..and then I had made me believe myself that Drishya was the most ideal husband whom every girl would dream about…Certainly, I was proud of having a husband like Drishya….. Proud extending the limit of being proud…then I became mother of his son…Then what happened…..

I don’t know what happen..the eternal bliss seem to fade away and I am here stranded like this. ( Oh this blood is flowing so hardly ). Stranded like a traveller in the middle of the Airport….I am ….stranded in life…don’t know what to do and don’t know what to say…( Am I doing this right ?)

 Yes, I am right because the tolerance has its limitation and patience which I have preserved these years…Patience while suffering from his hard beatings…suffering from his indifference…towards me while I am sleeping beside him…suffering when he plays shows affection with the life whom I have give brith….implanting his semen in me….( It is getting hard to write….)

Drishya is asleep…the deep deep sleep from which he will not be awakened…..hahaha..let me laugh out loud…let me crawl upon him once again…like the first night..or the night of conceiving…Biwas…Like the eternal Radha Krishna swinging with full of passion and emotion….but I see the emotion is dead…Drishya is dead…for me…and I am dying here for him…

Biwas…is in your hand Kamala…May lord Kali give you and Biwas strength…let you be his mother…as you have always been his caring mother….kamala…( I think I need to sleep …the eternal sleep of life because the pain is increasing). Kamala….Biwas is in your hands now…Me and Drishya are going ahead of life….

I have no regrets at all…This is my own decision…I am proud of what I have done and it is not a sin believe me…it is just outcome of the sufferings I hav suffered…..I have no REGRETS AT ALL…!!!!! I REPEAT I HAVE NO REGRETS AT ALL…!!!!! ( It is paining a lot..and bloods are flowing a lot….)


The next morning…there was mourning…Biwas was still sleeping and …Kamala screaming…to the extent….Shikha..she has become strong…..had cut her nerves…in hand..and for Drishya….the high doses of sleeping tablets…

The two bodies were burned in the same pyre……..


7 Responses

  1. Hey sweta
    wow nice story but sad ending. the fiction you said is looks like a true story that is happening in our society as well. Over ambition and people’s difference in their thinking has mde so many damages in our society. keep writing and still some spelling errors . hope you wil correct them in the future. rest is just fabolous.
    see you.

  2. i used my netbook to type and some speling errors. please correct them before you published. or edit them for me.

  3. i liked the ending…awesome…another creative piece from u…loved it once again..

  4. Thank u so much Kiran Ji and Shilpi di…hehe…thnks for appreciating it…

  5. The story is indeed creative and yes I also find some spelling mistakes here correct them and do edit some of the part and try for the fiction park in city post if you want.

  6. Tapai ko aakhyan padhepachhi malai tapai prati thap jigyasa badhyo Sweta. You are interesting. I liked the feeling you wrote in the story. Especially the fusion of Parashuram Yug and the modern society. I don’t know ke comment garne ho yesma. I just can say “You have a good future, just go ahead”.

  7. Thank You so much Achyut Dai… I have no words….

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