Scar …..

A heart with the scar…

A feel of guilt

A bleeding punding heart…

Cannot stand still

It was not what I had wanted

But it happened just so

Why I really really don’t know..

Living a life yes I am..

With these uncurable wounds preserved..

The name thats you engraved in heart..

A bleeding heart

Full of scar…

Full of scar…


2 Responses

  1. Hey beautiful women
    why you scare so much? with whom? with what ? when do you scare? and why do you scare? its a long and never ending questions but you should not scare with anything at this time. and ofcourse if there is no scare we won’t move ahead. if u don’t scare with teacher u won’t complete your home work. if you don’t scare with your frends you will do more nasty things. if you don’t scare with death you won’t have life. and we scare a lot that is what we go ahead. those who did not scare they became martyers or died the life of nothing. so keep posting. and go on. it is really good and i salute really for your ability to write. sometime i do scare if i could have been sweeta. but i am not.
    i know only to comment not to write.
    see you.
    please change my kiran ji to nepali videos or else in your blogroll. i don’ t want to be ji.
    sorry !!

  2. Hey Dear..
    You’ve always been good..and this is no exceptional..
    :-)..cudn’t contact you as i lost my cell…let me know your cell no…or call in,i’ve got my same no..waiting to hear from you…take care…

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