Its been a month or two that she has given birth to five childrens. I look her eve0105_1734152ry morning she is there to protect them and they look always pampered. Mother, she is mother for the first time. Don’t know who taught her to be a mother may be nature who else can be the best teacher other than mother nature. She is spending her motherhood fully. Her childrens all are daughter and a son has already been taken away. So four are left, the pampered. She seems so much happy enjoying her motherhood, protecting her childs and living in the gutters. What a life I see their’s ?

She is there protecting them now and then being their mother and being their everything. Feeding them her lolling breasts time and again and what she gets in return nothing. She loves her child more than anything, fights with other big dogs and never lets them come near to her children. I am here flattered and amazed at her valor that she shows and thats the love. Afterall its love that determines everything.

Had she belong to any family then she would not have been living like this. But here she is homeless but still living a life growing her beloved children her own way, her own way.

Do the children know about their father? Whom her mother had made love and implanted sperm in her belly? No, they don’t. The father is unknown. I wonder how she needs to protect her children from the male here around my home one of whom I assume is the one to make her pregnant. She never lets them come near.

I was so happy to catch her babies, don’t know why she believe me and let her childern to be in my arms when their eyes were not even open. Felt so heart touching when the babies lick their mothers lolling breasts..even while the mom is running, the feeling of being female touches my heart.

Mother around my home…


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  1. hey there is nothing important occasion than being a mother in female’s life. Nature has given its prestigious capabilities to the females only. i wish i could be a women. and the hardship that a mother bare in their pregnancey and after birth how a man or a male can understand? no way. its a nice blog keep writing. there are many other stories about female and many other differences that happening in our society. make them heard please. you know what to write and how so good luck. i am waiting to read your next blog again.

  2. Nice Sweta!! Keep it up!

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