Crimson Joy

Crimson Joy…

Let me feel ,

No please don’t kill…

The invisible worm..

Let me live

Let me feel

The invisible worm…

Please don’t kill


6 Responses

  1. सँधै, suicide,kill,death मात्रै ???
    हैन, के भयो ???

  2. No no
    Crimson joy cant kill
    just chill
    it comes…for life..with life..dont worry

  3. वाह ! क्या दामी कविता, लेखेछौ नि त !

  4. strong realization of the approaching death, i.e, inevitable.
    or the killer worm could be simpler than the ‘death’. The worm may refer to any small or big cause that deteriorates happiness or joy. Is it an elegy of a persona who is dying soon?

    “let me live
    let me feel”

    most strongly suggest the yearn of the persona to feel the life!

    great work!

  5. Thank u for wonderful comments, Perhaps I have no words to say…

  6. sweet poem, ramro 🙂

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