I can die but I cannot be defeated. So I am here reviving myself my creator. Renassiance was waiting for me or I was waiting for renaissance. Here I am reviving my self, my sentiments and my emotions and truly saying me myself, the true sweta.

Renaissance means revival of Grek art and culture in England after the dark middle age. Renaissance hearladed the birth of the new age in Europe and so it tolled the death bell of middle ages and brought a new era of bright hopes and rosy aspirations.

Here I am reviving my trueself my own dead feelings and emotions which the creator had snatched a long before. The nascent me was left like the monster in Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein and thus I am here going to have renaissance of myself. Cobwebs of ignorance and innocence  which had binded me like anything, I am here clearing off them all and here I am happy even it pains so much because I am breaking the cycle in which I was moving. Yes, creator I am having renaissance of myself.

I am tolling a death bell to the sentiments, emotions, thoughts which were like cobwebs and I am sweeping them away. Yes I can and I will do this. 

This blog is not so coward that it will suicide just because its creator had left it unbaptized. Hear me I have baptized myself and I am here with renaissance now.

Yes, with the same zeal and same rosy aspirations that I had before, I am reviving them all.

I am here with the new hopes of survival like Pandora…Everything was dead but their was hope at last. The same hope has made this possible. Hope, hope and hope till it comes true. I did the same thanks to xpress..thank you a lot..For being the one of the reasons for my revival. Thanks for regarding me as promising. I hope you would not mind anything written over here.

Truly, I can die but I can never be defeated that is why here I am undefeated. I am here with the glory of Victory which is making me feel glorified. The rosy aspirations…the revival…the beating of this heart..the eyes moist so much moist…ever ever ever…Creator …I am alive…with the victory in my hand….Yes I have won…

P.S. Renaissance…the revival


4 Responses

  1. Renaissance series…

  2. “Renaissance means revival of Grek art and culture in England after the dark middle age”………..I think you skipped an important stuff here….Renaissance means more of the revivial of the “humanism”…and of course of the art , culture..and the rosyness..the revivial of the Humancentric conception rather than the godcentric one…yestai yesati..
    and it are getting really Renaissence..sense of that trimph …humanity back..thanks to ur creator who gave a space for u to challenge… talk about “blog suicide”..and all…..good luck..
    and yes..happy Renaissance…the revival

  3. WGFFMTxmZtCM7

  4. May be this was the first post of ur’s that I’ve ever read…
    Seeeeeeee, One year vaisakechha… reading these post once again….enjoyed………
    And Happy New Year 2010 !!!

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