Dead but Not Defeated

I remember the words told by my teacher while teaching us Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and Sea, “A man can die but cannot be defeated”.  Reviving these words today in this blog.

Yesterday I wrote about killing this blog because this blog was suffocating or the writer was. Confusing. I have forgotten that tommorrow is Jan 1st what the hell is it, 2008 is ending so fast and I am here with no plans unlike last year I was busy with whom?? I was busy with my stupid work. Wondering about where were my friends and I am thinking right now where are my friends this year too. Where is my plan nothing yet not even their is time for me to make the new resolution . ( I am thinking I should again find out the list that I had made last year and trying to follow this this year too )

No I am not trying to get frustrated or getting out of being frustrated.

So, I was talking about old man who sailed on a ship who wanted to kill the biggest fish. I don’t want to kill the biggest fish because I want satisfaction and I can be satisfied with tthe smallest fish. Hey I am vegetarian , but another anology.

I can die but I cannot be defeted. This blog can die but the words here are eternal and this blog can never be defeated not even the creator can defeat this. I am not challenging the creator which I can never do. I am sorry creator….I am trying to be like you which I am trying….still knowing the fact that I can never compete and can never be like you.

But still I can die creator but can never be defeated,,,,,You can never defeat me..

This blog will not suicide..but it shall revive again and the revival post will be posted tommorrow..

Still I have no any such plans to do this and that but I am making resolution thats for any blast in the new year a small feeling a small feeling and elaborate that I can die but I can never be defeated.. 

Happy New Year eve…


7 Responses

  1. Hey,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Why you are time and again talking about ‘the BLOG suicide??’ and other typs of suicide??

    You have courage to do something and more than that to do more things. Hope we can see some of those courage through this blog. All the best and HAPPY NEW YEAR……..

  2. is this ur realization of death and its acceptance? it seemed to me as if u r worried about the passage of time… everything to u seems to be similar to that of last year…however, u got a change tht is -strong selfsteem….”dead but not defeated” clarifies it….

    u’ve given some metaphysical touch to your writing….


  3. hey sweta i think you came to some kind of frustration in some point. but do you know that you are doing a great job and you don’t have to worry abot what to do next? there are so many young gals and guys are hanging around and making new year resolutions but how many of them came cross with that? we should not have any resolution for anything but you must try to do something new and that comes from your heart. your heart is a resolution center and every second of your life is a newyear if you think that second is counted as a year in your calender. so why you afraid of this world?
    keep writing. don’t loose your hope and keep smiling.
    Happy new year.

  4. Thank you all for such an wonderful comments and yes BJ for the new year wishes and also finding out the thing Metaphysical element , seems like you are a perfect reader…

  5. This blog can die but the words here are eternal and this blog can never be defeated not even the creator can defeat this……………..So you know this reality..and then y do u fret buddy…I know..this threat of Blog Suicide always looms large..frustrations comes…me too has suicided twice over blog..and again emerging like a phoenix…………………U might be defeated for some time but cant just die…..death just does nt come for free…………..
    so..”The old man and the sea”…you can create another legend “the young girl and the blog”

  6. Thank you so much …I am spellbound now..the blogqueen has given me this comment…

  7. eternal = Continuing forever or indefinitely …. so best of luck…. as Avi di, said….”The old man and the sea”…you can create another legend “the young girl and the blog”

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