Hot Cup of Coffee

Thinking of Cafe Mocha…Lovely hot hot Cafe Mocha but here I an Home..back from college after reaching the college gate and I found out that today’s college is closed. What College is closed ? I had run very fast today…Actually I had ardently wished for removing the tag of Late comer. Thats why I had run very fast but see today’s college closed , What a parody ? ( Teachers Pen down ). I shouted why we were not informed then. Its so rubbish that you go to college wishing to study. Driving so fast without thinking anything. In this run I couldnot comb my hair, I am used to my unpressed pant and unpolished shoe, but without combing hair like this..this is too I am used too.

And meanwhile when you have noo charge in the inverter then the life in darkness and because of use of inverter you don’t even have candle in your home. Thank god there was this Torch light by grace of which I was able to search my sweater and socks and what about the college bag. It was as it is.  But where were the copies and dot pen. And where was my shoe and my cell phone. Everything needs to be find out. It would be easy when there is light but when you need to search with the help of a Torch Light then…and moreover you are at home till 6:15 while the college starts at 6:20. ( I laugh at my helplessness sometimes )

When you reach the college, then it is closed. What a good example of living….A parody of life.

Still I was happy because I was able to escape from the daily schedule.

(This I had wrote on Dec-:19 but couldn’t post, below this is updated one )

Today its saturday again…yesterday’s rain came and wet my soul. I am feeling good. I am thinking of rain, if it rains unexpectedly then that also while driving then it would be another big surprise for me.

Oh! again I am longing for coffee, its getting colder here and what else feeling bored….thinking to post another story…hearing this song Kusume Rumal….


2 Responses

  1. wow such a bitter reality. That is what i hate all the time. We (Nepalese ) are backward due to those elements the we could not improve for such a long time. you are really funny and so real that you are writing your heart beat in this blog. i am totally impressed and i salute your ideas. i have one complain about your writings that may be becoz of your busy time table though there are some spelling errors which you can manage. second is why don’t you like to cash your words? is there any hesitation within you?
    i am searching so many blogs everyday but i never found blogs like you write. and there are some others and specially nepali women.
    go go forward and try to write more about womenhood in nepal. that will really rock the world.
    good luck.
    have you ever visit my site?
    add me to your blogroll pls. if you don’t mind and remove that two wordpress links from there.
    that will be looking nice.
    see u.

  2. Same pinch……….
    what an Identification..this happens to me many times….and yes…what an impressive expressions.

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