No November Rain

Actually I knew about the November Rain from the song November Rain by Guns N Roses. The song has been really fascinating me and is one of my personal favourite. So I wanted to feel how november rain feels like. I have had this experience of Cold chilly november rain before two years and it was so much beautiful feelings I had have that time. The sense of Romantica and the over flowing Ardent feelings of this heart. It was awesome to feel the cold in such an passionate way that you are going to love it forever. I had this hang of November Rain..and I wanted this year too, however I don’t remember the rain last year.

I have been waiting and waiting a lot for this…yes November Rain..but no since the day November began it was getting sunnier day by day. So , what I did was counting the days, hoping that november rain will come this year and once again I can enjoy it in my way. Sweta’s way of being with nature and Sweta’s way of enjoying the nature so beautiful. The feeling of chilling bones and the cold bloods flowing through the veins..its awesome. ( What happens if the blood freezes in the viens ..hehe just imagining )

November has not been so cool as I had imagined. Many a times it seemed that it will rain and it will rain but nature played or say sun played hide and seek with me..the ardent lover of her November Rain..

Life’s like this the wait is never over. The wait for november rain shall continue next year and the next next year..and the next next next year. But will November Rain will come. It may come it maynot come. Its never sure and the wait continues like this. The cycle of wait continues like this. Its wait that keeps us alive and its wait that makes us hopeful, its wait that makes us strong and passionate. I dream whatever..and one of my dream is November Rain which never came to me. The much I waited the much it became painful but no no any drops of rain to chill my bones..

Wait shall continue, what if it didn’t came this year there is next year and the next year I am hopeful that November Rain will come. Novemember Rain will make me feel the chill.

Few Hours to end the month november..but seems like not a single drop of rain..

Sad but true..have to accept the cold cold reality…and still reality bites that this year will go like this without November Rain.

Will my wait will be over ?

P.S. No November Rain this year..

      Should I wait for Feburary Snow…at Kathmandu???


5 Responses

  1. November Rain le ta disappoint garyo timilai…aba lets wait for Feb Snow…so u like cold chilly days? i ta get lazy during cold days..for me summer is far better…
    btw..keep up the creative work…u’r gud at it…

    Take Care,

  2. seems “november rain” is a perfect metaphor for something…hehehe..very beautiful expression-heart touching…

  3. Hehe..I can lie everyone..but I can’t lie somebody who is already involved so much in Literature….Thanks ..yeah Metaphor ta rakhnai paryo ni hoina ra…perfect chai I dun know…hehe thanks 4 appreciating..:)

  4. You wait for the November rain?
    Come to Pokhara, lots of rain in here.

  5. never mind the darkness
    We still can find a way
    ‘Cause nothin’ lasts forever
    Even cold November rain……..great work sweta, love the way u expressed ur feelings bout Nov rain……when rock bands blast out the piano and orchestra, its ends up always on the hand, likewise november cant esacape without a chilled nov rain..btn the song has been always my fav no, axl rocks 🙂

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