There she stoods waiting for you..

Beautiful..she is..Beautiful she has to be..

Throws her clads…you cover her with your cash..

There she stoods waiting for you..

No make ups she needs..she is granted a body naturally..

What else you need..

Walks on the road carefree…

Promiscuous she is..Promiscuous she is seen..

A body she needs to sustain…

Babies after her….and inside her to be maintained

There she stoods..waiting for your money..

Hoping she could provide them some honey…

She sleeps on the road..waiting for you to come..

A body she has..she neednot be beautiful..

Waiting for your cash..she hurriedly throws her calds..

Lets you enjoy her…

Lets everybody enjoy her..

Opens herself for all..

But what she does?? Does she enjoy it too??


( While driving..I was strucked in a jam..on the Bishnumati bridge, there I saw a naked lady..covering herself with a thin dirty shawl, she was sleeping there. I didn’t noticed nicely, but the second day she was there..the third day she was there.

Again when I was driving through a Balkhu river ( short-cut ) which directly takes you to Kupondole..I saw a lady about thirty her linguire..shouting at the people.

While walking through New road I saw a lady..wearing a transparent cloth..covering upto hips and her one breast with her hand..the cloth was bloody ..her face bruised.. )

Yesterday while I was listening to BBC and I had heard about the legalization of prostitution. They were in favor of it and they had so many good arguments.

I don’t know why I wrote the above poem..I am a human first..and then a female..I felt pity..I felt myself helpless to see females in such a condition of life..I did not meant to blame “males” but we too exploit them..who shall take care of them..

I am tearful…really..


P.S. Can we do something for them ?? What is the souliton ??


One Response

  1. whatever u wrote is actually correct….but there is nothing we can do to it….it all depends upon the nepal government.Government is the one to be blamed for all this happenings because all this prostutions and crimes happen because of unemployment.So the only thing we can do to solve this problem is writing articles in news papers about tha louzy government…..

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