A feeling so lone..

The calm eyes shone..

Thumping heart..wants to believe..in each beat..

But mind controls it…says don’t believe it..

A feeling so strange..

A feeling so sacred..

The stillness..of the emotions..till this day…

Yes…still in the hues

When I see the still image…throuh this internet…

I laugh at my helplessness…

Chosen STAR ran away…

Chosen STAR runs away..

Runs away…

Ran away…


5 Responses

  1. why u feeling so lonley in dis poem???……nyways good writing…hope u don’t feel lonley in ur life….

  2. ohh……..ramro Kabita 6 ni……..expression 100% aaejasto 6 hau!

  3. Sweta, I found the poem as if the bank of the emotion and expression. But it seems as if the elegy. Please read *break break break* of A.F. Tennyson where he is wallowing on the demise of his friend. And pls also read *the mother * by Silvia Plath where she has expressed her feminist view against patriarchy. Bada ramro chha, tara ali simple bhaya ramro ani should be more ironical.

  4. Shashi,

    It is just a poem..so no personal attachments with it.

    Reality Bites,
    I hav never expected that the poem is so much expressive.

    Pravash dai,
    Again I say..I don’t think that the poem is “Bank of the emotion and expression”..come on its not the elegy…

    Thanks all of u!!!

  5. Hi,
    Sweta ,
    I highly impressed by your Poetry. Poems are more than enough to consume tears. They are enough to touch Hearts like mine; who is missing own ‘Mother Land'( though this word is think as gender bias) and passing days with past memories ‘felling alone’. Keep in writing…..

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