Heart beats faster and faster

When I behold the name, yes it is everywhere…

Eyes can’t control itself it flows…all the way..

I tremble, I tremble…could not stand…

Heart pounds so hard..

I can’t resist the pain….

No, I can’t resist the pain..

I can’t scream and shout..all I do is hide the pain..

Can you imagine it, how much its painful ??

Yet I am standing,

Yet I am smiling,

The moist eyes, the thumping heart, and trembling me..

Yet I am strong I feel…

I am reviving myself…yes through rememberence..

All I can do is remember…

The moments preserved by this poor heart..

All I can do is remenber

The warmth and the charm..the coffee indeed…

All I can do is remember

The eyes and calm…the tight warmth…

Helpless..fateless..yes I am..

Nothing to do than remember …

Rememberence making me alive…

Rememberence making me strong…

Rememberence I shall preserve..till the breathe stops..


P.S. Rememberence


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  1. कस्को यादहरु ।।।।। ?

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