Let me tell you a story!!! – I

“Let me tell you a story to chilllllll… the bones…”  ( It will not chill the bones sure )

Samragi was there waiting for him in the dinner as always, it was midnight. Everything arranged systematically as always. It was normal for them to be together in the midnight only and the dead silence was normal too with the cold . Her moist eyes and his silent eyes met most of times but they were indifferent. Days have become lonley and same were the nights. A dead silence and the feelings so much vacant.

“Samragi I cannot live without you, you are the queen of my heart, my Maharani, please don’t leave me” said Binay.

As confused as always Samragi waited for long to be assured that Binay was in Love with her. She kept on asking herself that “Can I believe this?” The feelings aroused and she chosed the man.

Here she stoods so vacant remnicising the bygone days !!!!

Life’s so much uncertain. Time is so much uncertain and people more uncertain than this. Loves so much uncertain, the feelings are so much uncertain.

Samragi was as playful as always, a thin build girl, 5’7. She was beautiful whether she was slighlty black. She stopped studying after she passed Intermediate from Tri-chandra Campus simply because she didn’t want to study. Her parents were content and thought of her marriage time and again, but she refused almost all times. She wanted to do something other than study. She had a lot of interest in handicrafts and pottery. Not a girly kind of girl. Never been to a Beauty Parlor, she was a natural beauty indeed. She was a different kind of a normal girl. Belonging to a middle class family, she always had thought of changing her whole status with a magic wand.

Binay was different a sophisticated lad, belonging to a rich family and a highly ambitious guy. He was a well-build man, 5’9 , white, attractive and handsome. He was a well-read man, holding a business of Transport Company of his father and having a very good managerial skill and a very good man to be friend of. Ambitious such that he wanted a BMW car, a huge Mansion and a very beautiful wife !!!!

An uncertain encounter…indeed it was.

Samragi got a message on her cell phone from  a postpaid mobile phone which she knew from a year the message read like this-: ” Hey whats up , dad’s planning a new Santro , wanna ride ?”

 It was funny she thought and immediately replied -: “Santro is common, try something new..a wonderful sports bike that would be great to ride”.

The number was of Binay’s. She knew Binay while she had went for a job interview in his Transport company. She hadn’t known that he had saved her number (Perhaps he had done to inform her that she was rejected) but she had done that because she wanted the job. The message he had sent was mistaken. The reply however was done immediately like a reflex action.

Then message became common. With unbelievable frequency of messages, they became close to each other. Samragi wanted to keep that relation as friendship, but Binay had planned something else. He said she his first love and he don’t want to lose her anyways. He never wanted to be her friend and vice versa. He was deeply in love, kind of spell bounded in her love. He frequently told he cannot live without her even a second. He doesn’t wants anybody else, he doesn’t wants her property and all, he just wants her, just her.

How could she reject a man so deeply in love with her. But she was confused really confused. Whether she was right to give a positive response to Binay’s proposal. She was confused totally confused.

In a severe deliemma

( The other part of the story would be posted soon )


2 Responses

  1. you are really good on writing. i am eager to read the rest of the story really. its like something novelish but everyday life and it is appearing in our community (the story) most. i don’t know if this story has a happy ending or not but the way you are writing is simple but very interesting. it gonna rock the blogging. good luck.
    your blog is already high ranking but i did not see any advertisements and i am sure you can’t have ads in this blogging site anyway. you could have make some thousands of dollars by now from this kind of writing if you have made it in your own.
    good luck.

  2. Kiran Ji,

    Thanks for such an wonderful comment. This inspires me a lot to write write and write. Thank you so much for appreciating the story. I wonder if my blog is a high ranking one. I think you have overated me, which is dangerous sometimes, LOL… anyways thanks for appreciating the blog so much and visiting time and again for the updates. I don’t know about ads here in this blog, but soon I will do that..hoping to make thousands of dollars..haha..LOL
    Thanks once again

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