Clouds fall as Rain

There in the sky I saw something special…

Something white shining in the sun so bright..

The burning thing there in the sky…

I am here with thing pounding nside..

Palpitation I felt while I behold…the bright sky

A feeling so strange..

There sun shines..there the cloud lies..

I felt palpitaion..

The pounding thing is having rest now…

Seeing the amazing  sky…

Sliver-lining cloud shining in the bright sun..

Amazing I felt yes for the first time…

But could not realize that Cloud falls as Rain…

Definitely, it fell as the rain..

Making me wet..

Making me feel chill and clod..

At first I was I screamed -: “I don’t want rain to wet my soul ”

No soul was not wet..only body was wet…

Cloud fell as Rain…making me cool…

The feeling so cool..

Calming …yes the fire…

Cloud fell as rain…

Wetting my soul..

Cloud fell asa rain…

Letting me “Move on “


One Response

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