Distinctly different this heart’s beating

Trying to be away fron the way I am feeling

What have I been to ??

Feelings so obscure to see and feel..

The way I have been..and the way I am being

Can you replace it ++ ?

Yes the feeling and this disitinctly beating heart..

Revealing was a the forbidden fruit’s frist sight

This beating thing..

Pounding incessantly and never stopping..

I am trying for altering..

Altering heart..and feelings..

I lack courage…Yes I lack it

I lack courage ….I admit this…

I lack courage for altering..


I want to alter..yes the feelings, heart and soul so impure

I want to gain courage…

Eternal kali..resides within me..

Yes I am courageous…

I can Yes I can..!!!! Alter…

 P.S. Quest for survival…altering these incessant feelings..++

 Altering..the moves and yes the beats…


One Response

  1. Yes you can Sweti… you CAN!!!
    All the best..

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