@ Java ..Espresso..and buddies

Would not I be amazed seeing a extremely cute little cup and in that..a black..liquid..and it was a coffee??? Pradeep dranked that..where else..at Java again..and yes Deepa has ordered that…( Pictures would be posted soon)

HIlarious…( But I enjoyed every moment there at Java)

I was looking like a crazy..and we all were there crazy..but Deepa was pissed off because we ( me and Pradeep , who else ) were laughing so much that soon we found we were ignoring everyone there and again hat we did was included them and laughed. Did we did anything new..anything more than laughing so wildly that Java was about to blast….

I don’t know what made Prateek arrive there at 2 ..as the program was scheduled for 3 ( It is for me and my lovely sketch…Thank you so much for the sketch). Along with Pratik me and deepa were there and we ordered our first cup of Cafe Mocha..( Of late this has become my favourite..don’t know why ) and then came our Hottie girl..Shraddha..and who else..Pradeep arrived with our cute friend Irana….and then Laughing session started..beatifully..and yes with ragging…who else..Pradeep ..( I tried hard but was not sucessful..he cannot be beated in ragging ).Anil came with a big smile..and told..khojda khojda..( I have given him way many times ) and similarly saying Nepali Time.Ashesh, arrived too late..than Rajan and Suraj..who became late because Rajan was busy brushng his teeth ( as told by deepa for ragging )I had called him…

Why he mentioned my blog time and again. Everything ma he used to add up blogging..and eveyrone would laugh…and he remembers me as a person..who, while he says ” Sweta talai yeuta joke bhanchu” will laugh saying “Ye Joke”..hahahah …Was I used to do this..laughing before I heard the actual joke.

Its really fun to meet old buddies..no serious talks..yes serious talks would be “Ta aajkal k gardai chas”..and thats all..then another laughing session..

We have really grown up!!!! We all have really grown up…

How much innocent were those RIBS days,,where we used to have such a loads and loads of fun..How much innocent were those days..those amazing affairs..( Yes Pradeep I am targeting at you LOL). We all were reminicising…our by gone days…and we all were really happy..and we are were in a jolly mood..

I am happy to laugh after the previous get-togehter..Certainly I have forgotten to laugh in thee hecitic months of despair and despondement and do not ask me how much refreshed I am feeling..yes still today while the event happened and ended yesterday..I am still on the hang..that moment was amazingly beautiful..few of things that I want to preserve as memories..till I am alive.. Yes those laughter I want to make eternal…

I don’t know why every ragging had “blog”…I think pradeep should start blogging because he was teaching me so many things that I should blog. Perhaps he had read a blog..and his comment was like this -: “La heru bhanera blog kholiyo, padiyo…dui line..dui line…ani bujhna khosis gariyo..padiyo pheri last ko line samma…tara bujhna chai ..kei ni bujhiyena…aba timi haru aafai bhana ma kasari comemnt garu yesko blog ma” (I told myself lets see the blog,..then I read two first lines..then again i read another two lines..I tried to understand..I reached the last line..but understood nothing..tell me how would I comment in that ) and what I could do..I picked up Java’s Menu..and then hit him so hard..but that was not painful..The wwaiter came and took the menu away…

Then Pratik and Anil..gentlemens..trying to remember the days..I remembered days with Pratik but I hardly remember Anil..we remembered..Deepshika Mam..and how could we forget Madhav sir ( They told if he would read my blog then he would have been extermely proud )and Bishnu  Sir’s beating..” “Singo” ( meaning beating in the forehead ). We missed our days so much. It was so much fun yesterday.

This is the second time and it was as awesome as it was before.. we were as child as before…

I forgot to mention Ela…who came there and she was really sweet…

P.S. I had really enjoyed eveyr moment there at Java yesterday….We were together..and old buddies don’t need formality do they ??? I m refreshed till today..thanks pradeep..and thanks to the organiser..btw who were the organisers…was it me ??? I am amazed when Irana and Anilk thanked me for organizing the program…LOL..I was the one to chose Java..thats all…


7 Responses

  1. oh god haha in sweta’s style let me say :
    would not i be standing here like n stupid witth n tweety teeth n uplifted chiks where else…at computer desk ( Pictures would not be posted at noon)

    HIlarious…..(But I enjoyed every line here at BLOG)

    i dought i am still loking like crazy……lolz hehe sweta is sweta yep yep madhav sir ko cheli pari k garne ….who can beat u in writing?? hehe oni kaile bata mo gentle man bho huh?? abuiee ??!!!! i agree with pradeep in one case poem!!!! hehe bujnai garo cha !!
    mis those days!!!

    P.S. hehe :p thnx for the direction JAVA day will repet nex get together in sydney :p

  2. ahhhh whre do i start frm i am in loss of words……….must say oeee tero writin tah babaal vayecha sachai bujnu garo ………oe where r the pic soon to b posted huh.nywaz java was grt njoyed everymomnt of tat …

    well nxt tah sydney hoina !!!!!!!! sweta is financin me wat abt all the other guys oops tat was a secret laaaaaaaaa ……
    oee aru mah kai cmt gardina maile kai bujena last garo yar mero tah dimag nai chaleyna
    jhos mahdav sir would really b proud of ur writin heheheh
    tc hav fun n whoever the organizer was ……thx for tat java coffee…………

  3. Hey guys….

    I must have been really flatttered when you two told that your friend has a great writing style..come on you all are flattering hai..
    Aba kura aayo Sydney ko Get together…Pradeep is financin us not me..ma chai visa milaune k…
    Yes and Java moment was great..really
    hey is my writing hard to understand..Madhav sir le pheri bench ma uthaula ni hami sabai lai…
    Come on guys..sabai bhanda pahila Madhav sir will say to me -: “Baniya talai Sankatkaal lagyo ho ” hahaha ani tespachi..aaucha writing ma comment..ani tespachi gali suru..in his own chadke style…proud hune ta ma expect ni gardina yaar.. mazzla le comment ani suggestion chai dincha ( Missing RIBS yaar)

  4. by chance if madhav sir gona read ur jornal he will lift up his umbrella n be saying cheli lok tantra lagecha tero lekhaima 😛 n if he is to find this piece of junk comment he probably gona say terima fata daka lolz i jus rememberd madav sir taking us tution probably i used to pray when that water bottle would finish 😛 bottle finish ta tution pani finish:P hehe tc

  5. LOL,

    Madhav Sir lai kasle birsel hai..Anil..hamro ni girls tution ma testai..We used to wait for his finishing of Water we used to have a break when he used to go to toilet…We used to say ” Have a break …Go to The Toilet “..when he used to go out..then we all used to laugh such that..Arju’s house used to shake…hahahahhahahahahahhahaah those days.. Probably..he will punish us..by his sataric..version of gali..hard to tolerate and hard to listen…Perhaps my ears used to have pain..and yes u reminded me the painful feeling of those satraic gali..remember BK Jha’s ..scientific gali…oh my god..missing the days…

  6. yaa sweta lotz of things passed out from above my head …but lotz of SPELLING MISTAKES …lol! ya ya ramailo bhayo hai java ma…arko pali ta sydney ma sweta le sponsor garne hola ni pakkai…we all are waiting …ki kasto guyz???hahaha hav a nice day to whoever’z got time to read dis lol

  7. yaa sweta lotz of things passed out from above my head …but lotz of SPELLING MISTAKES …lol! ya ya i get wat the summary means…”ramailo bhayo hai java ma!” lol…arko pali ta sydney ma sweta le sponsor garne hola ni pakkai…we all are waiting …ki kasto guyz???hahaha hav a nice day to whoever’z got time to read dis lol

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