Yes I am really happy and excited today because we are having a get together today guess where ??? Yes its Java…Wow I am too much excited for my cup of Mocha…

It is 6:15 in the morning and I am typing these words feeling happy today.. I know how I have forgotten to laugh and chill..Being in the hues everytime I have just forgotten what I want in life. Yes Alchemist was really inspiring. I have been enlightened from that book. I am feeling happy today after such a long time I am hoping for the best ever get-together. Last time too it was awesome we have had a blast there at Nanglo..and we were really wild..( guys were wild )…

This is the second get-together and certainly there are new faces ( They are old but they are gathering for the first time only)..and I am excited to meet these old buddies because I have not met them for so many years. Yes its been four years that I have passed my SLC and I have not met so many of them but I am really happy that I could see them today.

Java has been a favourite..though been there only three has been a place of my choice..yes because of the obscure reasons..( Perhaps Poo and Holmaes know why hai..shhhh..secret)..So, I was shouting Java…Java..Java.. But I don’t know who have organised the program..they are thinking I but no I didn’t knew this…LOL…anyways we are gathering …and thats awesome…

Its too early that I am typing these words..No I have not had tea today… because today is saturday..and ma’s busy doing pujas..I need to go to the nearby temple…yes I want to go but why I am typing thses words now..I really don’t have any reasons…

My sisters who have come here at my place are still in the bed..we really laughed so much after all it was a sister-reunion…and it was a nice eveing with them…we talked so much till the midnight..and I was asleep while we were in the middle of our secret talks…I am not waking them up now..

So, I need to go there, yes I have done this earlier saturdays..I am used to do this. But I am never used to using computer and internet like this in the morning..Is this my blogging passion..what is happening to me dear!! I am really amazed and I know Ma’s amazed too…but if I didn’t have this ADSL at my home I wouldn’t have this much craze for blogging..

Its 6:25 AM now..they are still on bed…I am here..and I need to go there..

Yes I am really happy today ..because I am meeting my old buddies today and it is awesome…I want to have a recreation…recreating what Sweta was before…and this day is the best..yes Java’s the best…

P.S. Now I am coughing..and it is painful…but this shall not stop me going there..I am sad that I couldn’t spend time with my sweet sisters ..dearies your sister’s busy today…and I am remembering my friend Holmes right now..and yes my friend Poo as well…how I have cancelled plans of meeting them..Sweti needs some recreation today…hope you all would consider this…

Yes I am stopping this here..its 6:30 AM and I am going there..yes the Temple..nearby my home…


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