Radha’s Shyam

Radha bina Shyam aadha…adha..

The few words above are so much powerful that it makes our lord Krishna “half” meaning his existence is not full. He is incomplete without Radha, his avid lover….ardent of all.

I always wonder why love’s such a great thing….What made Radha such an immortal lover..Yes it is her love and her devotion towards Lord Krishna…. Her passionate feeling and the sacred love that she have felt in her heart. The picture hanging there on the wall is something that I wonder. I am tearful sometime thinking about their passionate feelings towards eachother and those lustrous eyes reflecting the passionate love for eachother…

 I have been always shocked and surprised of this love relation in the world which people talk about always and more amazing is that we find Rukmani nowhere..nowhere..not even her name exists..and there is where Love wins..Love wins..the sacred feeling wins..yes the feeling wins over everything and love shows its greatness…

How love become such a great that it remains till the ages?? Love is such a  wonderful feeling that one falls and rises. Had Radha failed?? I am amazed no she didn’t because she was in love with a man who is called Krishna..the most most beautiful and powerful having quality of spellbounding everyone..and Radha must have fell in that spell….

The palipating heart..the trembling lips..the passion..the ardor..the overflowing emotions..the tranquilty…the emotions..the heart…the feelings..the sensual happiness..the bliss…the passion..the fire..

Love’s great..and I am always amazed by the relation of this two Radha-Shyam, how come he give her love such that she finds it enough…too. That much passion for Shyam…who belongs to another woman…and never her’s. But she still does she still loves him. The amount of love that she finds in his heart is enough for her…and this makes them together always and “ONE” as well.


What more had Din wanted ?? My poor friend Din..who wanted the love for no reason..for her satisfying her desloated heart..for giving her passion a way to survive…

My friend Din after all these things..still longs for the man who tried to ruin  her life..who had wanted to end her viriginity nothing more..who was such a lustful freak…

Din has been innocent in this regard..when she says love’s such a great thing then I feel pang in my heart…Why after such a man who does not even want to look at her face and perhaps now he would not  even recognise who Din was..I am amazed that why she doesn’t realise the fact that she has been merely used for a manly desire …for pleasure, passion.

He cleared his face by saying he don’t have any physical desires and even accused Din that she had searched for the pleasure in him..which she was unaware…of this..she was also unaware of what the physical pleasure was ?? She tells me that that was love indeed. A sacred feeling that she has felt and she is feeling now….

Why was Radha love with Shayam..??? After she knew she can’t marry him ever..she can’t be with him..but she the power of love that made Shayam stick with her everytime..the name..the power and the eternality of togetherness…

Why is Din love with him ?? He is not like Shyam..he can’t even give her a simple adoration..which would have been enough for my poor Din…Why he has been so rude after spending time with her…Din would have given her life to him that I know…She will give …Here is a letter of her -:

I wished a lot to get your reply. See me how you have changed me…I am not
sleeping and I am not fearing night.
I wonder why you don’t want to ahve any contacts with me. Why are you
leaving me like this ??? Tell me are you feeling good killing me every
moment like this. Yes I am feeling love for you and I don’t know till
when I will be loving you. Hajur teti thulo manche…u sud hav
understood my felings towards you ni…kina hajur le nabujheko….

This Din is your discovery right ???  You have told this Then why are you leaving me unbaptized…and also the nascent feeling for you in this heart.

I know I am a ugly girl either you have told me I am beautiful so many
times….Perhaps because I am ugly you are running away from me ??? or
let me know the reason…Am I too young for you ??? You have told that
I am a grwon up girl…

I really don’t want to force you to love me…coz love is a feeling
and it sud be generated in heart like mine…like my feelings for
you…like my love for you…

You are my ragtag KNIGHT…you are my idol…hehehe laaj lagyo
malai…u cant stop me imagining you all the time…wud u be able to
do so…come on you need to kill me physically mentally you have
already killed me …..So, I will be longing for you forever….till
you come back to me…

I will be waiting for the day when you wud hold me in your arms
again…not in lift next time …ani not for jus fwe seconds….let me
open my arms too…my heart is trembling Take m away..

Your cute little thing (Eternal )


Would not I feel a pang..


2 Responses

  1. Radha and Shyam are considered two entities and female and male but they were One only. It is like Shiv and Shakti or Purush and Prakruti. One is Passive principle and the other active. It is like fire and the ability to burn. Rukmini is never mentioned because she was a swarup of Lakshmi. Radha is Krishna only! The various Gopis and Gopikas are the emanations of Krishna himself and they are the eternal residents of Goloka. In previous birth(Shri Ram’s) they were the Rishis who wanted to have the passion for the Lord hence they were granted that birth as Gopis.This is mentioned in our puranas. But most of the people have no idea about this.
    I am sure you would now consider RadheKrishna in a different light.

  2. good day

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