And its normal again!!!

It was wonderful but really really tiresome. Yes, I am talking about Dashain which was over yesterday at the end of the day I said to myself ” Thank God its over for a year now “….

But I must say I enjoyed this Dashain a lot..unlike other years..This year I met a few realtives whom I have almost forgotten and not seen for many years…and this made me really happy..also there are new borned and those who were borned some years back seemed to be get smater this year…

And things are normal again..the roads are normal..the streets are normal and the bazaars are also normal again…Dashain has left me in a hang..I am perhpas facing the problem of overeating…hahah LOl..But why I did that ..yes the overeating in this Dashain…Simply I was getting time for eating..and I could not resist the temptation created by the food prepared by the magical hands of Ma…

I would have never realized that I would be in this hangover of dashain..yes I am feeling sick…and guess what almost all people here at office are sneezing and coughing..Actually Mam is most sick I don’t know why she came to office..Wished for the freedom and I laugh because I want to laugh Holmes…I have been like this only…My Friend….

So, everyone is asking Dakshina kati bhayo?? and I am so delighted that this year yes the percentage of increase is higher..and that is why I am always with a big smile when anyone asks me about my Dakshina..and yes Pradeep asked me today..”Tero Dakshina Kati bhayo ha ??” and what he was providing me the scheme that If I provide him 1000 bucks..he would in return double it….LOL ( Actually felt really good talking with him after such a long time..with a loud laughter that my collegues were surprised that Is this the same Sweta who is laughing out so lou today….)

So, Dashain’s Hangover is not over yet..and whenever you meet a new one..then the obivious question “Dashain Kasto bhayo” …hehe feels good that after few days Tihar is coming…and it feels good that..these festivals I enjoy a lot…

Dashain’s hang on me is what I called a sweet tired feeling..when I am always calculating the money ( Yes, the Dakshina…new notes..) ..and cleaning the floor where there are the leftovers..yes the red vermillion and rice..what we call tika..and also these dark circles are getting darker….

Yes…this Dashain was different because I was working so much this dashain..and I hav got a nice amount what we call Bonous…and Bonous is what I loved….but what I did with that money..perhpas I didn’t spend a penny over me..its for usual last year….I have given him all of my bonous…and I feel pride in that…

I enjoyed this years Dashain a lot..but I am suprised at the messages on cell phone send by my fren..wishing me a non-veggy Dashain because he knows that I am a veggie and I would be furious at him..Yes I am planning to beat him when I will meet him ( Yes this coming Saturday ..would be another wonderful get-together …all  the RIBS(ians) gather once again there at Nanglo…but why the same place..I have suggested JAVA…why would not I ..after I love the place so much…) But then I reminded myself that my friend needs to eat that C-MOMO Pradeep forgive me….LOL…so this times too Nanglo at Sundhara….but I am sure to beat one of them and I am really excited and desperate for this saturday)

Finally..I am relieved after this hectic Dashain…running..running..and getting tired..and I am feeling sick..and this is what Dashain’s Hangover is…

P.S. Enjoyed Dashain a lot…and yes I am back to normal now…but the hangs..still on..Perhaps the Coffee….Cafe Mocha..and Cold Mocha..( What are your views Holmes??)


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