Exausting day

I have been really exhausted today..because of long drive..I didn’t drove my baby bride today..it was bhai..and it was real long journey today. Exhausting….really really exhausting…drive…and I am having this aching head right now..Guess what would have happen to me if I were driving….drop dead…ha ha And moreover we went to put Tika..travelling so long…and eating nothing…lieing that we had already had our breakfast so we won’t eat there…but the good amount of Dakshina made me smile..and Yes I played PING again..and it was hilarious the small kids were teasing me…beacause I was screaming so loud..and my face was red because of fear…The children there..even my small sisters..played so courageously…swinging high and high…which I can never do in life…

Either I had taken leave today..I came back to office becaue I want to work..and don’t want to leave..because simply I am lately enjoying this job…what about Radio Nepal..they are not responding..they are not giving appointment letter…and I miss those few days at Radio Nepal.. Bt actually I don’t want to work here..its exhausting..you work the whole day and at the end you get nothing in hand..

Dashian’s not over yet for me…It has too been really exhausting..too long..and annoying me..running wild..visiting places and people of east, west north and south…how can one Imagine that before half an hour u r there at Thankot…and now u are at Lagankhel…Damn its so tiring…and moreover todays journey..first at Lagankhel..again..and then to Budanilkantha….was hectic…It is really hard to handle.. I am tired but this is sweet tiredness indeed because it is only once a year that you get this hang..and this tiredness..then I must say I am trying to enjoy this feeling…

Yes there is red tika on my forehead and again after office another place to go for tika…Thank god Dashain will end tomorrow..its been hard to handle…and there are guests at my home..Iwould love to be with them..my sweet sisters..who are desperately waiting me..to be at home so that we can have an neverending guffs…I am longing to meet them after somay months…

A slight fever I am having..because I am feeling a different kind of fever-hotness..and thats even more exhausting..hey is my WBC so weak that Dashain food is hard to digest..No I am not talking about meat..and all.I am omnivorous…saag path..has been too much..and omoreover..oily foods cooked by mom’s magical hand..is hard to digest..because of overeating..

Perhaps this is gastric indeed…LOL..Nepali hunu ko gaurav…gastric ma nai huncha…hahah I need some ranitidine tablets…I just can’t stand more..here at office because I have been feeling really weak..yeah I ahve been exhausted…and I just can’t work anymore here…..

Guess What…I have asked it to her..and after  minutes I am going…Dashain is being hard to handle.. I am lieing here ..to go to receive Tika…but I love this…and I am happy to celebrate this last day of Tika..again putting tika in my forehead…and bidding a good bye to Dashain of this year..( I have received a good amount of Dakshina this year….Sweta is richer this year than previous year..)

So, I am going home…now….but need to call Nepal Telecom…wacky…


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