A green Rose!!!!

I have never seen a green rose…roses are red ni hoina….( I have known that a black rose exists and a blue rose has been artificially produced somewhere in China or Japan ).

I wish I had known that there exists a green rose before….it would have given me hope that there are good people indeed.. ( Holmes there is god and he is great…so that he created such a beautiful thing A green Rose ). I think I will laughed out loud if I will ever get chance of seeing a  red rose because I am like this only…and I don’t know why I am like this.

A lot happens over a cup of coffee!!!!! indeed….

I wish to get the Green Rose not the leaves…but the leaves are beautiful indeed….( I collect the amazing leaves…but rarely do I keep them ). I have kept some of them….But these tiny green leaves of the amazing green rose I shall keep it for ever.

Guess what is in my bag….Beyond the illusions…by Sheeba Shivangini Shah….and who else than Milton to provide me with every book I want to read..he has been too generous…I am desperate to end the book(Not started yet ) …because I have been longing to read the book since I knew about its publication. ( Moreover because of Tantra Mantra in the book….which I really wonder….I wish I could learn these things…to spell a magic over someone…”secret hai”….)

A lot happens over a cup of Coffee….

I was searching for this “Green Rose” which I have never seen..I knew the roses are throny ..so I never felt like picking one infact they look beautiful in the plant….( I never pick flowers and I hate who does that because flower’s right place is on the plant on which they grow..) Once I had been spellbound by the red rose..prettiest in the garden..and attracted by its beauty….I could not control myself…I went to pick it up….and guess what…My hands were bleeding..yes because of thrones…I could not pluck the rose and make it mine….to keep it forever…with me…But..I hadn’t realized that roses also had thrones..and the thrones attacked me and my hands were bleeding….it was so painful ..I thought that would kill me….So, roses reminded me of the pain I had felt that day….So, I have decided not to be spellbound for a second time….( Let me say just the red rose..I want to see a Green Rose…)

Green Rose….was indeed beautiful…I found it today..but Damn…only the leaves..I assume from the leaves that these roses are not throny…( right Holmes ). So, how does a green rose look like when it is on the plant…I am really longing to see this….

A lot happens over a cup of coffee…

It was indeed nice meeting…a cup of coffee…..I shall cherish it…A wonderful feeling I am feeling…but what…yeah..its not always…the samething…but sometimes..accidently…God gives a reason to smile…a reason to live a life…Life’s beautiful indeed….equally beautiful is the moment…to be cherish forever…..and yes the beautiful cup of coffee…..It was cold…..but not a cold coffee…

I seriously felt nothing special…No, my heart was not feeling palpitation.. it wasn’t trembling either..and my cheeks weren’t red….( Were they???), I didn’t had a fear…But I was happy that I had dared it for the second time…Perhaps because of fear only I was running away…I needed to dare…because I want to move on…The same place ..same cold thing..to be dranked with a pipe..( Yeah this time I finished…it…but I think I can’t digest it either…because I am prone to cold…)..

I am really sorry because I kept on telling abt me..but never asked…( I have been like this only either I keep quite and would not speak a word..ot else I can keep on talking….)

P.S. A green rose…a cup of coffee….something elusive…..Can someone tell me how to parcel..liquid….LOL


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  1. Every rose has it’s thorn… Green too but u know da 1 ur talkin about wid da green leaves- they are unoticed, disregarded n 4gotten. How would 1 get hurt if no one even attempts to approach da flower in da first palce??? u wanna see da plant! i’d b delighted to provide u one…

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