Listening to songs

I love to listen music while doing everything but not sleeping..I don’t want anything to disturb my sleep and yes also..while I am deep into study…rest I can live without music its not mandatory but I simply love to listen it while doing rest of now..I am listening Bidhan Shrestha…but sounds the song has finished and here is another song from the movie Sawariya..and again here is another song..Jiya dhadak…baafre..m getting..pissed off..I don’t want to listen these extermely romantic songs.. Yes I am lieing…I am not pissed off…I am happy to listen these songs.

Guess what I am listening to my favourtie…Pink Floyd’s I wish you were Here….I just love everything about the song..but I truly admit* ( How I wish I wish u here..we r just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl..year after year..running over the same old ground…same old fear ..wish u were here) * I don;t know the name of singers..Perhaps I have never seen a picture of the Band called Pink Floyd..but I love this song..which I have been hearing since long…and I have heard another song too..Stairway to Heaven..thats a nice song but I love this one a lot…I wish you were Here…

I equally love listening to nepali songs..old Nepali Songs are milestone..I don’t remember even one..( Hey I remembered this one..Ghumti nira late bhayo..sanu maya lai batai ma bhet bhayo…). I have been fan of the old nepali of FM’s I don’t remember airs Nepali songs..and I love hearing them..either if I hadn’t heard them even once…Nepali songs area really soothing to hear…

As for Hindhi song..which I am hearing right now..Yes this one’s too from Sawariya..called Thode Badmash…Shreya Ghosal has really soothing voice ..another song sunged by her Teri ore..Teri ore.. This one’s soothing too. Hindhi songs are also really nice to hear..Some songs even creates palpitation…( I wont say which of my personal favourite…). But yeah whenever I hear it creates palpitation in my heart..and what I did was stopped listening to that song…)

I also love hearing Newari songs either I don’t understand the language but the feelings could easily be understood..Perhaps the language of the world and I just remember once song…Rajamati ..kumati…The songs are too romantic in nature..the feelings are strong in Newari songs and thats what I Love about them.

 I was used to hearing chinese language songs while I was studying Chinese language…They too like the Newari songs are romantic..strong….here goes one-: Qing pa wo de ge..da hui ni di jia..Qing pa ni di wei xiao liu xia. ( I forgot all other words..) Its the song sunged by almost all chinses people..

Of late I have been a huge fan of English songs..I know its just because of Bishesh…without hisa indulgence with music so much…I guess I would have been fan of Britney Spears…or even something called Pussycat Dolls… ( I seriously hate them…)…I am huge fan of Steven Tyler and Aerosmith…Just love his voice a lot…a lot….and a lot…I go crazy..crazy…

P.S. I was real tired today..yes Dashain’s not over yet..and there were so many people y home..and my today’s job was dish cleaning..I hate it but I needed to do that…and its 10:15 already..I need a goodnight sleep…ciao


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