The Alchemist Review…


Yeah I finished reading this book..given to me by Holmes after such a long time of reading and reading..reading a page..a day…….after so long…Actually I wanted to finish it in a day..but this “time”..I could not manage at all..all the time whether I would be tired and I would be busy blogging…but I finished it day before yesterday and the book I found simply wonderful and awesome…

I would like to say it is the most wonderful ficiton I have ever really enlightened me..and guess what I am listening to my heart as before as I used to do which I have already left..  In the long run I have been indifferent to the inner voice that used to guide me. I really got disillusioned when I finished reading the book. The book is so much interesting…the adventurous travel by Santiago..and his excavation of treasure along with it his discovery of twin soul..

The story is interesting from the begining how a shepherd turn out to be a treasurer..wandering here and there…listening to his heart..being an Alchemist….Such a wonderful ficiton I have ever read..infact this is the only book that has been successful to give me a lesson…a lesson for a life time apart form the entertainment…

I find reading a part of my entertainment, personal enjoyment and my own way of living…Music is Mandatory….I enjoy reading when I am listening music…

The Alchemist…made me contemplate..gave me inner valor to find out what I wanted in my life….I have been changed in these few months and ( Yes I think you might have guessed poo and Holmes why and how I have been in the hues )..So I was being away from my destiny..I know how much ambitious I am…or I was…and I am so stubborn……But I was so away from what I wanted and this book The Alchemist made me realize what was my dream..what I wanted in my life…where is my treasure….where is my destiny..Moreover I liked one thing so much when the boy turn himself into wind…Then I realized that nothing is impossible, I need to listen to my heart…I want to turn myself into wind…I want to really find myself…find the Soul of the World…I want to learn the language of the world.. I want to achieve my treasure…like the boy did…I want to believe in the omens…I want to be like Santiago…

The most wonderful book I have ever read in life…the most enlightening and most contemplating….Realizing my dreams what were they..and what I want to achieve…I realized so many things…I learnt to hear my heart’s voice I found myself strong…No, I am not chicken hearted ….I know who I am..I can show myself…I know what my destiny is…I know what I can do…

P.S. I found this book really interesting and enlightening….I will keep this in my favourite list…and here is the title I want to give ” The most wonderful Book I have ever read” Loved the book so much…..


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  1. Ya I have also seen that book in the favourite list of many of my friends.And they have suggested me to read the book.But I haven’t till. But I will read as it is in ours library.,whenever i get time.
    N Dashain ma pani blogging tyo pani book ko .
    la nice keep it up

  2. Hello!

    I’m a big fan of Paulo Coelho! You will love this! He’s the first best-selling author to be distributing for free his works on his blog:

    Have a nice day!


  3. There is one line in this book which i liked very much ” If you want something by your heart ……then the whole world will help you in achieving it…….” (sth like that……… ) I have read the book around few months ago. But for me it was of an average………. But sweta jee…..after reading your review i thought i should read it once again. Good review……

  4. Hmmm… I totally agree with you… I finished the book in one sitting and I wanted to read more and more… Santiago is such a vivid character… So enthusiastic and so eager to follow his dreams… The book is truly inspiring and one of the best books I have ever read until now.
    The line ‘if you want something from your heart, the whole universe will conspire…. ” something like that… is used in Om Shanti Om by Shahrukh Khan too… ‘agar tum kisi cheez ko dil se chaho to puri kayanath ushe pure karne ke liye…(forgot here too…) hehehe…
    Happy reading…

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