Entity ????

I found myself strucked  in this question…

Is there any entity of me and my woes ?

I found myself gloomy and sad thinking this….

Does my gloomyness has any entity…???…

No, there is no anything of mine…

I had wanted to live and live a life…

Live a life of a choice….

Batteling within self for an unnatural quest…

Not for a holy grail..but for the knightly aim…

You know what a Knightly aim is ???

( Winnig heart of the highness )

The eternal woes of heart, does it have some entity ???

The eternal pain of heart…can you cure it DW??

Like a eternal wait for fulfilling a quest…

The wait!!! wait!!! and yes the wait!!!!….

Entityless wait…loathsome parody….

Eternal wait…and eternal…pain..

Panic I am feeling….it is entityless…

Had it some entity…pain would not be there…

Had it some…entity…

Had it some…entity…

I can’t forget..nor can I forgive….

Pain..eternal pain…DW…panic pang…

Entityless pain………..


One Response

  1. Wow that is a great poem. I loved it! I was looking around for blog poems, my husband had written some a few years back as well, and I always love a good read. We’ve all been here at times feeling the panic caused by the pain we have. Feeling like we have no entity. You described it so well, thanks for the good read.
    Check out my husbands poems if you get a chance, let us know what you think. We would appreciate it.

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