Here I am…

Here I am…typing these words as in normal days but today I am relieved to some extent..because tomorrows office is closed and what I am going to do is I am switching off my mobile..or let me not switch it off..that would be too much..but I am not going to receive any call thats for sure..because I am “off the world”…and tomorrows Asthami..unlike today is Fulpati..I just love this Dashain Mania….Everywhere there is talk of Dashain…everyone is planning this and that in Dashain…

Likewise I used to plan this and that in Dashain…I promised myself to clean my room in the most possible manner..every knook and corner of the cupboard…after so many months..then it wud be a relief.. but this year’s so different..yeah I cleaned my room..but in a diplomatic way that means least cleaning..and books are still lying where they are..but not the ones which I brought from the library..they were in my bed..but today I kept them safely in Shelf..and I am locking them because I don’t want anyone to bump on those precious books..and finally my pig shed cleaned little bit…tomorrow’s a lot of work..yes cleaning my room nicely is a big work to do..I do this once a year..(LOL)

Right now it is so had rained today….and probably it is raining now.. and my flocks are all asleep..(Hey it is just 7:45 PM ) and I am not asleep…because I am busy blogging simply this is answer to them but actually I came or I am blogging so that in one hand I can blog and in the other I cam chat wid my “best buddy” and one thing comes into my mind “dubai hath ma laddo” …..LOL

And this is it…I am too tired..because of those guests and because of my Bossy Boss…she thinks we are not humans..and this hurts me after all why I have chosen such a job which I was never going to enjoy…..I thought it would have been the easiest..and moreover I had thought I would enjoy it but here I am strucked I just can’t go away…

So, my this years Dashain was about to be ruined..because..but wouldI let it happen…No I won’t let anyone to ruin…it not those Indian Guests..they are eating my head…Sweta Ji??? Oh..they ask a lot of question and not in english..what they think that we can talk in Hindhi…I should have told them I ta ..don’t understand Hindhi..if you can speak English..or let me tell you all these in Nepali..( But the sons were cool..small for me…but hey not one…they are three )….hahahahah Sweta..come on…

And guess what I am here online and talking with my best buddies..Poo and Holmes..and I am happy so much..talking with both of them is a kind of relief..and I enjoy it a lot…and I love to talk with them

I am too tired even to type these words. This is one part of my laziness…and ..I am feeling sleepy..its just 8:15 PM..


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