Thinking…to take a break

Yes I am talking about break…but what kind of break..yes a break..a holiday..a sleepy day..when I would slepp the whole day..once I remember how I slept for the whole day..from 11 AM in the morning till 6:00 PM and what I did was ate supper and then again slept….How much I had felt relieved that day. No, I was not intoxicated..Perhaps it may be a relaxation that I had wanted because of tiredness and same I want today.

This job is out of control…so many things to amny things to be done and the clients do their “manmani” ( The way they like ). They think that we have to do everything that they want. Who the hell are they ??? ( Come on they are as if gods…) . I wish I hadn’t chosed this job which is getting out of control…but I enjoy day before yesterday..03 Oct when I talked with the guest with such an fluent no padega, chalega,hoyega…and also some english which was very good indeed..but I felt they were comfortable in HIndhi so I conversed with them in Hindhi. I had felt some satisfaction that I was a Tour Operator…but I think I needed to learn a lot…

Guess What its raining here. I am loving it…the chill in the air..the freshness…Oh…..what I am thinking…yes thinking to take a break and go in the there all alone..feel the chill..feel the wind..feel the rain… But I can’t do I am busy imagining the things ….that I would do this and that I mean I will ( Oh..Thunder..and I am covering my ears….I just fear thunder…”gadayanggudung” and I my heart beats faster….

I wish I was strong enough to shout back…I wish I was not bounded by this so called boundry. I could have fought but I am so much helpless that I can’t even fight. I can’t even shout not even I have courage to prove myself that I wasn’t wrong in any of those instances. I am blamed of having Attitude, I am blamed for having no any discipline..I am only the one irresponsible. Why one can only see the flaws…I don’t think that I am such a fool..yes to some extent I am …such as I am still childish I assume. I look at the world with my childhood innocence…and there Sweta fails…there Sweta fails…

Oh!! I am so busy still today..the sixth day of room which needs something change..( Hahahah I need to clean my room ). I need to buy as nice preety dress…I saw one yesterday at UFO, and it was nice either..but too expensive..but I will buy the same…because I loved it at one sight…So the thing here is that I am too choosy..the thing I like once is my favourite….and I wear those till it tears…hahahah LOL…..

I am trying to think that how would I take break..I know I had again planned to gofor shopping..because I really need a dress for Dashain..I just can’t help myself when it comes to buying dress at Dashain..because it is special..and this dress is would be special….

But see I am strucked upon here and I lath it..come on give me some break at festival..and I need it ..I am saying this by heart…..and I want to escape…I want a escpae from enerything so that I can breathe…(Oh I think I will write poem )

P.S. Really sad and feeling really bore…


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  1. Hehehe, I can understand how you might feel to work when everyone around is shopping in a festive mood. Thank God my office is closed… or I would I have to write the similar thing in my blog… that seriously I want a break…
    All the best for the shopping. I hope you will get the dress you want. Happy Shopping, and Happy Dashain!!

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