White clads

I saw her today in the white clads….

She hates to wear and I hate it too…

But this religion forbids…her and she forbids herself…

No..ear rings that used to make her beautiful….

No the blue and pink saris….just everything white….

Yes….her man has died…leaving her behind….

Her swollen face…and sullen eyes…

And  never ending session of tears…

I met her because I loved her….

I couldn’t control myself how would I consloe her….

Thinks of the past….the days with her man….

The marriage…their childrens and the beautiful..years together…

Brusts into tears…at her helplessness

I felt a pang…and tears flowed easily…

Her daughter shows me the sukul( Mat)..made by her “dad”

Again I felt a pang…could her dad be back….

Why death is a debt …to be payed by all ???

Why is the need of the  biological existence…???

Why she is in the white clads…?

Who shall wipe the her tears away….???

Who shall bring back her man again ???


P.S. ( The poem is a tribute to my grandma like person..who used to bring milk at my home..I have two articles already written…in the blog..one is Visiting Ba in ICU and the other Tearful Distress..and the poem is about the same woman..and the one who had died is the same ba )


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