Something’s not over yet

Thinking has become a hobby and imagining different things were my I child I remember wishing for the best barbie..doll..but I never had one..Barbie..or had I ?? I don’t remember but I remember my dolls whom I used to love a lot. Morevover my maizu ( maternal uncle’s wife ) used to bring us imported imagining was a hobby since childhood. Talking with those lifeless dolls pretending as if they were humans…

Of late I am so busy but I never stop to imagine..I never do that..I imagined a cold coffee..this was a virtual…I had already known the consequences before the event happened..I knew I would be left with these hues…something can be such an overwhelming and something can be such a painfel…hey is this “something” “onething”. I don’t know..I really dont know..where I went worng or where the wrong thing happened…

Why afterall there are goodness and badness in the earth..?? Why there is virtues and all ?? ( I am not writing poem..I just received a call from the sweetest didi I have ever met…Roshni Di and its funny that I received the call).

Something lasts for a lifetime…but what..yes the samething I am censoring..and I think my clever friends poo and holmes will be probably figuring out what is that something..but I am not writing here in this blog what that something is..something sacred I used to tell…No, I am not trying to beat the bush…yes I am trying to beat the bush…but why..( After such a long time I am hearing this somg Bin Tere kya hai Jina ) I don’t know why I still feel something is not over yet..yes the dream …

A good dream and a bad dream…a good thought and a bad thought…What should I call…The effect of the dream is not over yet….The hang is still on..and the magical cup of coffee….yes the cold one and a hot one…felt bad at so many instances…I am having a lift phobia…My trembling feets whenever I take lift…..Poo u know this hai…yes I do tremble…yes I tremble

A bad dream then…which is haunting me like anything…and time and again this heart says something’s not over yet…and I am not out of the hues..but what hues…hurting or not hurting…I am changed a lot…I am feeling panic…

Something that is not over yet

I mean it because I feel it so hard in the chest…

Something is not over yet…

It is haunting time and again..

P.S. I don’t know what is that something…but I know that must be over because …………………………………..!!!!!!!!!!


One Response

  1. i am in office n jus when I was coming I read something in billboard
    ‘Censorship leads to blindness’
    NO, No I am not relating anything the line with your blog jus I liked that line so i have written .
    I jus remember a song reading ur post ( The song mentioned is edited )

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