Guess What !!

I put your picture away, Sat down and cried today…..

Yes I am hearing this song in my mobile phone guess what I finally knew how to use my mobile…I am not so much familiar with gadgets..but the mobile worked as a pendrive..I don’t know how..and I put some pictures and sounds in my mobile..and I am hearing Novemember Rain after such a long time…and yes on the cell…I need to work a lot today…and its making me round round and round. And right now I am making ticket let me say making a ticket…of Buddha Air…

I pinced myself for the three times while driving to confirm that I was driving so smoothly…and guess what …yes you are right There was no Jam NO JAM…and NO where….I couldn’t believe…no…jam in the Kalimati area…no teku…no jam at Tirpureshwor..and no jam at Shaid Gate…..Iwas really feeling good…I think god graced me because I suffered a lot in the jam…who could know this other than god and me…Thank God..for this special treat of no jam on the road…and I was happiest the entire month…because there was no jam and I reached ofice on time..aftrer so many months…

And I am not hearing anything but let me hear something soothing and what more soothing than Streets of Love by  Rolling Stones….which reminds me so many things..and I am here at office a little bit relieved I am..the guests are arriving and still a lot more to do and still lot of pending bookings and tickets…and there is no I can hear this song..if she were here..then..Sweta becomes alert chicken…no music at all….but she can hear in her room..thats disparity…eh..ok..

I always aspire to be apart of a cool working environment where we are woirking and enjoying a lot. I imagine..yes …my own office..where I would be the boss..but so cool…and there would be music on…everytime..( because I love …) ( Hey she just came and saw me in the earphones..yeah..scolded me saying that I have no any common sense..I am sure she will complain this to dad…oh dear..). So, I was telling about how much I love to listen music while working, while reading and while writing but I get disturbed when while studying….(for exam of course ). So, I was telling about my dream project of making a flexible working place..a lot of coffee breaks…a lot of chit chats …and a huge laughter…all around..everybody with smile in their face..with a lot of intellect..everyone with responisbility…and also not a thing to miss is that a having a lot of and that Sweta could earn a lot amount of money….lol

A dream indeed…and here I am…so bored ….need to go to Hotel Yak N meet the guest..I don’t know how will I be talking with them…I think they are huge bodily people…I fear…them…la k garne janu ta chadai cha…( What can I do I need to go there )…I remember my encounter with a Chinese lady..and that was disgusting….and she was so ….I won’t say anything more….greedy…I don’t know how would I be talking with them..again..padega…chadega..hoyega…what else Hindhi I know…lol..and I can speak in emglish..but I am sure they will make me nervous and then I would be speaking in chinese…

I am so shy…I can’t talk with people..especially new people..and I can’t just do it..why I am such a fool..even I fear speaking with daddy..I need to say one thing three times…because he doesn’t hear my once…and I am wondering that how would I talk with these Indian Guest. ….It is quite embarassing….

And then what I am calling Hotel Yak N Yeti..and guest what I am trying to talk with the guest…again pageda..garega ..chalega..they are not coming on line..they are talking too..the voice is good ..a young voice…Yeah …son….and he doesnot know anything..and I am going there after 15 mins…

It is a headache..and I am in probably modt punk dress…dirty converse…hey should I open shoes while enteing the room…..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I know….I am making myself a fool…No I don’t need …..

P.S. Guess What!!!! I am heading towards…Yak N Yeti….I hope no jam there at durbarmarg….


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  1. I am too thinking of that perfect office like you, nice concept. we can make things better na.

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