A lone Heart -II

A lone heart and the feelings obscure

The still air outside …no sun and no rain…

A lone heart on the festive mood….

A room to be cleaned…a cupboard to be maintained

A lone heart doesn’t want to do anything….

The feelings stopped…so obscure

The feelings under the veil of ignorance….

So many things to be done…so many promises to be kept

But here I am with a lone heart, yes in the festive mood…

The room to be cleaned once a year…yes the Dashain is near

A lone heart here….A lone heart here…

Never felt so ….never had I felt so…DW

I don’t blame….but I am culprit….for myself and my lone heart…

Heart is feeling a pang…a pain I am feeling making it lone

In between all there is a sole heart…

In between everything there are feeliings so vague

Why on this festive mood….why DW why…???

Obnoxiously hurting…and feeling lone…

A lone heart…a lone heart DW


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