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I felt like typing these words and yes I am too much tired today….because I have been running so much today..here and there…and the jams I was strucked upon was killing me. I believe this is the most obnoxcious jam..that I had suffered today from Putalisadak to Anamnagar to Singhadurbar…and also there was jam when I was heading towards my day office…I hated this…( I am hearing this beautiful song..nepali..Ful Jhare pani kada jhardaina…ma mare pani mero maya mardaina..Poo i think you have already figured out what I am thinking )

I needed to reach Radio Nepal at 1 PM and I was there at my day office doing bookings and all…and this was really hectic and tiresome…calling so many places at a time..confirming Hotels…confirming tickets…and calling the vechile service at a time and also mailing the client..mailing the hotels…Uff…it was so tiresome..and I needed to reach there at 1 PM and I was there as I already told…and there was a jam…jam…jam..jam….jam…jam and what could I do then go from wherever I could enter..then the big door of Singha Durbar is closed whats more disgusting than this…plus scroaching sun…and I needed to be there…at 1 PM and I was on the road till 1:30 Pm…I was about to cry…really..I have never seen such a huge crowd of vechiles….no where to go…no place to enter…everywhere people so much angry..every one needed to go first…I needed to go first and as fast as I could….then ..thankgod there was no jam inside Singha durbar….lol

Yes, Sir who had wished to listen our voices had not arrived what could I do more than say Thank God !!!!…and then I calmed myself little bit…

Yeah..the voice test was good..but because I didn’t had any energy I begun nicely but ended really poorly..Rabin Sir…told that my tone was good…hehehe I am happy and I must say he is the most impressive man I have ever met in life..no ego at all…treated all staffs under him..as if they were his own brothers and sisters…and such a clam in voice and sucha power he had in his presentations..one becomes overwhelmed….I became that..

So, again I had to return home because I hadn’t eaten anything,…it would sound crazy if I say that there was no jam……and me so clever that I kept my cell switched off so, that my day office will not get chance to contact me…So, I ate food by helping mom cooking..and after few minutes of having the food..I headed towards office..and if I say there was no jam again it would be a joke…god again reached there….

What else again confirm everything….and my collegue Dawa …uff he had messed up everything…and moreover he had made the tickets for nepali and they are Indian….tomorrow they are coming….( I am hearing this Ritu haru ma timi…really nice song hai…in this FM 98.2…because there is no headphone to hear songs from the computer Bhai took it away to hear song from his cell…what the hell).

So, my guests are coming tomorrow..and I know how much I need to work tommorrow becaue my bossess lack patience…and guess what Sweta lacks punctuality (They try to do everything in a perfect manner but nothing would be perfect….lol..no I am lieing).

These Indian flocks wants to do everything..trekking at Lukla…bungee and Rafting at The Last resort and adventurous trip at Chitwan at Machan…Trekking I confirmed from Binayak Dai, Rafting and Bungee from Bineeta Shrestha ( it was fun talking to her who work there at The last Resort and was so scared to do bungee that she had quit at the last moment ) and there at Machan..this guy..Nischal..starts flriting in the phone..hey..asked so many things but hey do you think I answered..asked me about Dashain Shopping…rather than the bookings I had given..it was nice to know him as well..tells his home is at Mahargunj…)

It is night now and it is just 9:00 PM and right now I am tuned into Times FM…where I can listen Hindhi “nice” songs…(but this song is so stupid..Fulo sa chera tera…). I didn’t had to go to Radio Nepal at night today..so I am able to wrtie these words..I am happy for this too…I was so much away from internet today…and I missed it too..and I missed talking with my friend poo.

This day I must say my Jam day..Jams…I hate and I am always in a jam..but believe me I try to maintain the traffic rules..always..because I love doing so…I felt a little work load today and when I confirmed all the bookings and talked with the client over phone ina english that I think he didn’t understood I don’t know why I talked like that …as if I didn’t knew how to speak english..my another faliure…nervousness…I must admit…I could have talked in hindhi..padega…garega..chalega…hhahahhah…LoL

Moreover I enjoyed talking with Roshni didi…and I enjoyed my work after so long..a relief I am feeling right now..typing these words…but I hate jams hai…

P.S. It is good to work..


3 Responses

  1. Hey do these guys ‘ur colleauges ‘read your blogs.?

  2. censorship. haha jus kidding , dont take otherwise. hai . happy dashain

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