Incredible !!!!

The invisible was incredible….completely incredible…

Unheard words I heard  were incredible….

Unfelt feelings that I felt were incredible…

Unseen dreams that I hadn’t dreamt were incredible…

The warmth was incredible…the walk was incredible

The eyes were incredible and scar was incredible…

Hands were incredible and arms were incredible…

You were incredible totally,  Invisible

I know you are entityless….and you don’t exist anywhere

But why I feel the warmth this heart..yes you exist here

(Infact those feelings you hadn’t tried to save in heart….)

But I felt  those were just incredible….( and I saved them in my heart)

Those feelings you left for me Invisible….are incredible..

Those improbable feelings and those tranquilising thoughts

A state of tranquility and the feel so awesome….Invisible…

A feel and a thought and a dream and the world…

All were and all are incredible….

You are incredible…Yes “You” were incredible..

I* hoped if you were visible …..I would have never let you go….


I* = refers to the protagonist.


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