Unaccomplished Hidden Desires

I close my eyes and I become wild !!!

I think about it and battle within myself

I am batteling for my survival!!!

I am fighting for my freedom from myself…

The hirerarchial differences…and the personality disorder…

Unaccompolished dreams and hidden desires…

Like “A knightly quest” for the holy grail..

Like “A knightly strenght” for winning the heart….

Could Knight ever bring the GRAIL….

Could knight ever won the Heart and wasn’t dead…..

Unaccompolished dreams and quest…of social graces..

Like the unpolished shoe…looking worst…

Like the unironed clothes…like the messy hair

Not a handsome Kngiht…my quest a ragtag knight….

Knight to win my heart and take my breathe away…

Knight to bring the Holy grail and the story of success…

Like the star I am gazing at…thinking to make it mine

Like a stupidity of me!!!! like the foolish crime…

Hiding and living..hiding but still living,…..

Living for the survival…living for the hope…

Unaccomplished dreams make me weaker….

Hidden desires always gives pressure…

My fortitude is my challenge…..

Hidden desires…hide away from the sight….to be hidden..

Trembling heart saves it however….

A knightly quest of mine for the holy grail treasure ..

My treasure..my hidden unaccomplished desire…DW


One Response

  1. u hav wat i call ‘explosive’ desires lol. dherai nasocha natra baulauchha haha. anyways…as always u r a gud poet. ur work is appreciable. keep it up!

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