What is left with me in this heart ??

A sin and all unnecessary feelings of hurt.

Forgotten past has its effect last ever

The existence of the things happened

The feeling and emotions that are lost

The reminiscence left that can never be removed

The pain of remorse extinguishes every hope

I feel like plunging in a silent river

i feel like washing my silent sins away……..

Sins of believing…sins of feeling…….

Sins of passion and sins of emotions……….

What left in this poor heart other than desperateness …..

What lfet in this heart other than desolation…….

Living with reminisence , yes living with the exterme pain…

Living with an eternal woe…..for a life time…

Reminiscence and sullen despair…

An intolerable sensations…and eternity of feelings…

Just left with reminiscence….nothing left not even your existence DW …


One Response

  1. I can relate to this on so many different levels.

    In times like these i always remember the saying that this too shall pass.

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