Moist eyes

Moist eyes cannot see anything around..

Damp heart…bloody heart is moist too..

Moist why ??? Does moistness have some entity ?? …

No drop of rain here and I wonder how my eyes got moist…

Emotional parody…harsh reality and fake words

Soaked in emotional parody..heart and soul..

When shall it be dry and when shall the sun rise again ??

When shall these moist eyes get dry ??

When shall this damp heart feel the gratity ???

When shall the soaked soul get relief ??

When shall I get salvation ??

Why these eyes are not wanting the clear image ??

Why these eyes are wanting to be moist ???

Why this damp heart is beating still and lives in dampness ???

My sincere desolation and my sincere appology…

My sincere regret and my sincere remorse…

Moist eyes shall remain forever DW….

Dampness in heart shall remain forever DW…

This soul shall search forever ” ni ” DW


One Response

  1. u r a gud poet, n to some extent that is wat i feel abt maoists too.

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