I am the culprit for my indolence

I am the lier of my naiveness

Those words I was bound to believe

Pierces heart everytime I think

Everytime I remember….Yes everytime I feel

I desevre this….I deserve the indolence of me

I deserve this heplessness of me..

I deserve this because I had believed…

I had believed those wonderful “unnecessary words”

Those are believed that would not be used anymore

This indolence is killing me inside

My lazy hackeyened eyes and my termbling feets

My head always down and my lost inertia…

No charm in me and no warmth in my heart

Artificially beating and beating for making me alive…

It makes me alive and I am bound to live

What a great penalty for an unknown offence ?

What a big punishment you gave DW other than indolence ?


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