Numbly I am writing this….

Yes I am feeling numb right now…

I don’t know why this stomach is paining

I am feeling panic because of the panic attacks

Did I did any sin or what??

Why  these eyes are hackneyed ?

Why these feets are trembling everytime I try to walk ?

Why this palpitating heart is feeling panic ?

Why these shaking hands are typing ?

Why I am feelimg numb ?

Why this air has no any sense of pleasure ?

Why this sun’s heat is burning me now ?

Why I don’t want it to rain now ?

Why after all these feelings are making me numb ?

Am I supposed to be numb like this ?

No, hear me I am not ?

I know who I am…but I am feeling unknown

I am numb and its because of you DW

I am not blaming you DW but I am myself culprit.


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