Trembling Heart

I really don’t know why ?

This thing trembles on the left side

Something has happened but I don’t know why?

It has started beating so much faster

I really don’t know why?

The feelings of beating is extremely awesome

Something is happening to me , But what?

But what and why? I am in this hues

This thing on the left side had never behaved like this.

It is painful awareness…and sweet sadness

It is painful..because it trembles so hard

But I am enjoying it so far…..

The sense of trembling is making me better

But I am being sick either

What is the cure for this poor heart ?

How to stop this trembling heart ?

Make this normal….please…I beg

I don’t want to live in this hues…

Could you please tell me DW ?


One Response

  1. who’s DW of the last line .
    anyway u seems awesome with the words and verse

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