Writing, chatting and music

I am trying to write. But what to write. Perhaps blogging has become a pasion. I have just posted two blogs. I am busy chatting with a new friend and trying to utilize my time. Oh! this Youtube viedo doesn’t really work. I am trying to listen the song of Sano Sansar. Yes the movie I had planned to watch but unlucky joe, I didn’t get the ticket. I have already wrote about this so need to add its masala here.

I am writing about my writing. I know I need to improve a lot and for this I need to learn a lot. I am really grateful towards the one who had taught me blogging as I had already said I am just..lovving it. This you tube viedo really sucks!!!..I am going to listen these hindhi songs. Aba movie nahere ni song ta heru jasto lageko thiyo ( Let me see the viedo either I could not watch the movie ) but this you tube ko viedo chale po…( This you tube viedo doesn’t work )

Chatting is also an addiction. I can really accept this. It is a headache too. Sometimes I am so deep into chatting. I love chatting in group with people namely Pradeed, Anil and how could I miss Macchendra. They are all my school friends. But what about girls Yeah..I love to do that to. But when it comes to personal thing I love to chat with a single person. I am new to gmail. I really do not know what are its features.

Few minutes ago I was chatting with a girl and it is a new feeling because I don’t chat with girls who are unknown to me same with boys. ( Chatting with the one whom you have mailed is fantastic ). She had commented in my new post about Sano Sansar. I was shocked ni. To get commented from new unknown people. Hey, katai mero blog popular bhayeko ta hoina ( Do I think my blog is getting popularity ). Chatting with her was good indeed. We talked about what?  About us, ofcourse. I am happy to meet new people like this. You get to know many things right. After all it is increasing your social horizon.

About music. I become creative everytime I am listening to music. I love music. Everybody loves it Sweta. You are not only one. I think I need to liten some English numbers too. What about streets of love. Yes I am listening to this song. I am happy to listen this song. It reminds me what?? I really don’t know….

So, I love to write, chat and music………

P.S. The above blog must be updated.


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