Disillusioned and I am in dismay

I won’t disrespect, be sure

I know I am culprit and I am feeling this guilt

I have been alarmed but I closed it 

 I hadn’t wanted to wake up from the sweetest dream

And my dismay in this appall

Disillusionment is killing me inside

To tell the truth I am living outside

I am strong…I am strong….hear this

I can survive either I have been crucified

I can live in this appall

To tell the truth …..I am lieing

I don’t know why I am lieing

Why this is necessary to lie??

I am in this…..what ??

I don’t know….

I don’t know….

I really don’t know…


P.S.  I don’t know why I am being morbid..I don’t know why I wrote the above poem..Bishesh was here few minutes ago..I am listening this song.. Lamha Lamha ….I don’t know why I am feeling the pain of this disillusionment…I am perhaps disillusioned but actually I don’t want to be disillusioned….


4 Responses

  1. readin this one felt kindof pain may be i m in somekind of at this moment,felt like u trying to be soemthing what u r not in reality,,tryin to make unseen to the reality that it is already disilussioned…

  2. I really have no words for you shree..I assume you are my good reader, who is trying to dig out me within my poems and writings ….I am glad…feeling really happy…:)

  3. dont know if i m or not but can say that i really feel for ur words a return words for ur writeup

  4. Thank you Shreemila… words right now…:)

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